Airline Food For Sale. No Plane Ticket Required


Miss international travel? Why not recreate the experience in the comfort of your own home with some airplane food?

A leading airline food company in Israel is offering its in-flight meals to the general public as a low-cost delivery option during the pandemic.

Tamam Kitchen, which services Israel’s El Al airlines, Turkish Airlines and other international carriers flying out of Tel Aviv, piloted the idea in late July as a way to stay in business.

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  1. The food had better be better than the actual airline meals or it won’t sell! People eat airline meals because they have no other choice.

  2. It would taste better than usual.
    Keep in mind, taste buds are negatively affected by higher altitudes, hence the common stigma on airline food.

  3. That’s just what I’ve been craving! In fact, the only reason I fly is to get those yummy scrumptious airline meals! What’s the contact info: I’m calling asap. Thanks for the post!


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