Airmont Shul Led by R’ Lipa Gets Approval

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lipa_2Mispallelim of the Airmont Shul in Airmont, NY, were gratified last night to learn that the village of Airmont has approved the construction of a new bais medrash for the shul. The bais medrash will be constructed on the property of the rosh hakahal, R’ Lipa Schmelczer, who founded the shul a year and a half ago for the growing frum neighborhood.

Airmont is a village in the town of Ramapo in Rockland County and includes the hamlets of Tallman, Airmont and South Monsey. In recent years, with rising housing prices in Monsey proper, a large number of Yidden have chosen to purchase homes in the Airmont/South Monsey area.

The expansion of R’ Lipa Schmelczer’s shul, and now the construction of what will be a beautiful and spacious mikdash me’at on Murray Drive, are part of the overall development of this nascent Yiddishe enclave.

In an interview late last night, R’ Lipa told that he is thrilled that the application for the construction of his new shul has been approved and he is looking forward to commencing the building of the structure in the near future.

R’ Lipa, who is well known for his musical talents, was born on March 17, 1978, and grew up in New Square. He has gained popularity for his lively and uplifting singing and creativity. To date, he has released 8 albums and has used his gift of music in a variety of ways.

“This is a shul that is open to all Yidden,” R’ Lipa told, “and boruch Hashem, in addition to our regular mispallelim, we’ve been able to be mekarev many Yidden.”

Every Shabbos, R’ Lipa delivers a drasha at the shul, and he regularly arranges for baalei mussar and darshanim to address the mispallelim.

Boruch Hashem, since the founding of the shul, we’ve never missed a minyan on Shabbos or Yom Tov. Once the new shul is up, im yirtzeh Hashem, we won’t miss a minyan during the week either,” he said.

R’ Lipa stressed that in the Airmont Shul, great emphasis is placed on refraining from talking during davening and on ensuring that there is always shalom and no one’s feelings are ever hurt.

“In my opinion, so far we don’t have any competition,” he said, proud of the aliyah in ruchniyus that his shul has provided.

R’ Lipa, in addition to his weekly drasha, regularly davens for the amud and encourages people to come to the shul, doing anything he can to further inspire the shul attendees.

The shul, since its founding, has relocated from place to place, and when it was decided that a permanent home was needed, there was no question in Lipa’s mind how to proceed.

“I wanted to do everything according to code, legally, even though it is often difficult,” Lipa told “It has been a long process – almost eight months – but boruch Hashem, at the final hearing tonight, we got the approval. We made an effort to do whatever we could to accommodate the local residents and the village and accede to their requests, with the assistance of our lawyer, Attorney Ryan Karben. I explained that in this shul, everyone is welcome and the overall goal is to bring people closer to G-d.”

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  1. Anonymous, What do you think? HERRING! And by the way there will be two kiddushim. One before davening, and one after davening, the one before davening complete with cake and coffee. Davening starts at 11:00 SHARP! And believe me the mispalelim are going to learn torah shebiksav and torah shebal peh all day! And they better have a lot of GELT!

  2. Since when is following code going out of your way?? These codes were developed for our safety!
    I’ve been in a shul during a fire and Baruch Hashem they did follow code and it saved lives….

  3. Baruch Hashem. Lipa may think he is just a poshiter yid but what he doesn’t know is that he brings simcha and geshmak to so many yidden out there. I’m sure there are many chassidish boys on the fringe that get a huge chizuk from him and Kiruv rechokim is no small thing. He should continue to have Hatzlacha and Bracha in all his endeavors and be a Keli to be Marbeh Kvod Shomayim.

  4. haggadah Shel Pesach of R’ Lipa is such a hit. I really feel that R” Lipa is up there. He brings such dveikus and kdusha to klal yisroel

  5. the question is did matzav do genaivas daas? the banner reads “Airmont Shul Led by R’ Lipa Gets Approval” with a picture of lipa meeting R’ Elyashiv implying that R’ Elyashiv approves of lipa

  6. Lipa should carry on going michoil el choil he does so so much for people who are sad and on the fringe and people who have a problem with him should just not listen to his music and read his stuff it is a free world you dont like it dont listen or read it. his oilim haba must be enormous, making people happy is such a great thing thanks lipa and carry on

  7. How come we don’t see ” R’Avram Fried” or ” R’ MBD” ??,
    Nothing personal against Lipa, but let’s remember to differentiate between Rabbis & performers.
    (Of course every yid deserves the title “Reb”, but then for the sake of consistency we must use it for all Jews mentioned.)


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