Airport Chief Says Israel’s Aviation Industry On Brink Of Collapse

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Israel’s aviation industry is on the brink of collapse after months of inactivity due to the coronavirus epidemic, CEO of the country’s largest airport Shmuel Zakay lamented on social media Friday.

Ben Gurion Airport is just “days away from reaching the point of no return,” Zakay warned in his Facebook post, adding that the competency of aviation professionals, from pilots to ground crews, may have eroded to dangerous levels.

Acknowledging that health restrictions were necessary to battle the spread of the “dangerous and lethal pandemic,” Zakay still accused the government of “stagnation” and lacking a coherent strategy that could help the private and public sectors manage the risks of the disease.

“This week civilian flights resumed in the world even in countries whose illness levels are high,” he stated. “We can operate safe civilian aviation even under the shadow of coronavirus.”

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  1. They shouldn’t have completely shut down. They should have created strong pandemic guidelines that would have kept them in business.

    • Not completely shut down and leave room for the corona criminals to escape?

    • Such as? Flogging those inconsiderate people who have been exposed to the virus and try to fly anyway on commercial air service? Forcing passengers to wear scuba apparatus and for added safety, depressurize the passenger cabin? Operating mini-jet service, one per family? I might be in favour of all, but I have to concede they are not easy nor cheap to implement.


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