Airport Security May Face Charges for Pat-Downs


airport-screener-pat-downCalifornia prosecutors have a warning for overzealous security agents performing the new federal pat-down: Touch passengers the wrong way, and we’ll throw you in jail.

Authorities said they have not received any criminal complaints since the pat-downs began this month. But the searches can involve touching of certain areas, which critics say is akin to assault.

The Transportation Security Administration says the pat-downs are most commonly used when travellers opt not to travel through the full-body X-ray scanners.

{The Victoria Times Colonist/}


  1. I keep hearing talk radio mention ElAl- they have the best security record and don;t need to rely on pat -downs because they are allowed to PROFILE…..why are we (every passenger) being subjected to the violation of a full body scan or a pat down when profiling would make so much more sense and spare most passengers any hint of violation of our rights.

  2. they should throw the whole tsa in jail. they are worthless.

    Gotta listen to the former head of elal security – a little common sense!

  3. The next time a plane goes down or crashes into a buildings people who travel will be happy to be padded down get real people there r not doing the pat down for cheap thrills. It’s for r protection

  4. when they say El-Al profiles, it doesn’t mean racial profile, because they ask questions to EVERY SINGLE passsenger.

    And NUSSI, what you are saying makes no sense because all of the TSA’S tactics are REactive
    not PROactive- they are alway behind the terrorists.

    They never caught anyone with their methods, the are not patting down terrorists they are patting down old innocent women,and making PILOTS go thru the x-ray.


    If a pilot wanted to take down a plane you don’t have to worry that he has a bomb in his underwear-he has other ways to do it.

    The TSA uses zero ‘sechel’

  5. BTW:

    In addition to the questions they ask every passenger, El Al does profile.

    That’s why you don’t see too many Arabs flying El Al.


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