Al Sharpton Says He Might Leave the US if Trump Wins

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Many people would be more than happy to drive him to the airport. For free.

Rev. Al Sharpton told attendees at a Center for American Progress Action Fund event today that he would actually flee the country if Donald Trump won the election, in order to avoid being deported by Trump, THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER reports.

The rabble-rousing Democrat said, “If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to support anyone [else], while I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins, only because he’d probably have me deported anyway,” Sharpton told attendees, who responded in laughter.

Sharpton did not explain why he thinks Trump would deport him.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Honestly folks, I fear for my life in America if Trump wins. I know that the rule of law will have daily challenge and the world will have more hate crime. Wearing my tzitzits will be worrisome and I will even wonder about my beard and kippah. It is pretty scary and if you like hate speech, this guy is for you.

    Sadly, I can tell you of 6 million yidden who saw things from a different lens.

    This is a hard time. The evil is on the rise because the enemy wants more hate. Be what we will, getting through Trump now or in 4 years will be the most exampled scare of perhaps the entire human American history.

    I will not be sure, but if the Republicans bought guns under Obama, the Democrats will buy guns more under Trump. And to think that the next election will be a shoot out at the OK Corral does not sound very valued to the human voice and interest of real American history.

    Mark my words. If we have a man today who says that he will punch someone in the face before he becomes elected president, the congress sitting under him will be unruly. Wonder if they will degenerate one day into the chaos we see in Eastern Europe in their congresses. Fist fights and thrown chairs by legislators is scary. Heinrich Heine knew exactly what Hitler was going to do.

    This is scary and I would not be sensible thinking that the nice republican white trash warriors that have a low IQ and did not get educated are our best Americans picking a great president. And the White Supremacists supporting the same guy are very much telling.

    Want hate in America? Do not speak out against this monster. It will soon be your seat and your fame that are removed.

    And who knows what would happen diplomatically.

    Scary to see. I will not be sure we can endure even 2 months of his presidency without crying for a right to resolve the fate with more rational minds. And if the GOP has congress, we are all going to be sitting in the factoid of a loose cannon.

    Shame and Shame. This is worse than blame and blame.

    Crying for America and Liberty, I remain an anonymous chatter online.


  2. Oh please! That would be the greatest victory for all American citizens. We would finally rid ourselves of this pain. He should go over to Somalia

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