Al Sharpton Urged Black Churches To Rally Support for the Iran Deal


sharptonRev. Al Sharpton will push America’s black churches to lobby in favor of the Iran nuclear deal, a new report says.

Sharpton is launching his push backing President Obama’s pact with Tehran, according to The Huffington Post.

“I am calling on ministers in black churches nationwide to go to their pulpits Sunday and have their parishioners call their senators and congressmen to vote yes on the Iran nuclear plan,” he said Friday.

“We have a disproportionate interest, being that if there is a war, our community is always disproportionately part of the armed services, and that a lot of the debate is by people who will not have family members who will be at risk,” Sharpton added.

He also argued Friday that his efforts would counter a coordinated national effort against Obama’s historic diplomatic achievement.

“There needs to be a balance in this,” he said. “Clearly lobbyists and others like AIPAC are pushing on their side, and there needs to be an organized effort on the other side.”

“A lot of Democrats, I think, should have to consider how their voters will feel in their base vote,” the reverend added.

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  1. do they think nuclear warheads will tell the difference between black and white/brown skin and they won’t get killed in seconds like everyone else???or are they planning to convert in masse to Shiite Islam and move to Iran??

  2. when the likes of al sharpton council his people to live lives that matter, none of what he says is worthy of consideration. he and his ilk are doing everything everything in their power to, as noted above, reinforce the negative stereotypes

  3. I have no problem with Sharpton wanting to protect our soldiers’ lives, and his having an affinity for his people. I think he’s mistaken that the US will be safer and there will be less world trouble spots if this deal goes through. It sounds more like he’s for it because of knee-jerk reaction to Jewish opposition.


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