Alan Dershowitz to Address Prayer Rally for Martin Grossman Today

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alan-dershowitzThe public is invited to a prayer gathering at 11 a.m. today in Surfside, Miami Beach, in opposition to scheduled execution of Florida Death Row inmate Martin Grossman. Attorney and Harvard professor AlanDershowitz is the keynote speaker. The event will be held at The Shul of Bal Harbour synagogue, located at 9540 Collins Avenue.

Grossman’s execution is scheduled for 6 p.m. today.

Leading Jewish organizations are calling upon Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to delay for 60 days the death warrant he signed for Grossman so his supporters can marshal existing evidence and present his case for clemency.

The prayer gathering is part of an extensive effort  that to date has garnered more than 25,000 signatures in opposition to Grossman’s execution.

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  1. Oh please master of the universe dont let them harm this yidishi neshama who has already made such a kidush hashem by bringing such heartfelt unity amongst klal yisroel please hashem show the world that jewish blood is not cheap and sentencing martin on the account of four witnesses out of 34 is nothing short of injustice and antisemitisim of the highest degree this is our brother being sentenced today not just another human being on this planet if its your brother then its normal to defend him and plead for him we should be crying bitter tears klal yisroel

  2. Antisemitism? That has nothing to do with this case. Governor Crist is an ohev yisroel. This Grossman made a huge Chillul HaShem by becoming a drug addict and murdering an innocent young woman whose family will never have her back. Imagine if your sister was murdered and you would never see her ever again. How would you feel? I am crying tears for her family, not for him. He did the crime, now he has to pay. HaShem will have mercy on him in the afterlife.

  3. Reb Doniel, I will not discount what you have to say. However, as so many legitimate and respectable organizations encouraged SOME effort on Grossman’s behalf, and they some pretty savvy lawyers (who double as bnei Torah, by and large) I had to assume there was something there. My efforts were minor, but I was part of the klal.

    That said, like I said, I can’t discount what you say, and what led the governor to make the decision he did. He does not deserve our calumny.

  4. Most of those organization’s lawyers are quick to come to the rescue of any Jew (usually good intentioned) but gloss over important facts that actually make all the difference. See, e.g., Rubashkin; Pollard.


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