Watch: Alan Greenspan: Global Economy Running Toward ‘State of Disaster’

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Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, said the global economy’s inability to produce goods and services efficiently is going to cripple the ability to pay for pensions and health programs for the elderly.

“We have a global problem of a shortage in productivity growth, and it is not only the United States but it is pretty much around the world,” he told Neil Cavuto at Fox Business. “Populations everywhere in the western world, for example, are aging and we’re not committing enough of our resources to fund that.”




  1. אין בן דוד בא…עד שתכלה פרוטה מין הכיס
    “The son of David will not come…until the penny disappears from the wallet.”
    -Sanhedrin 97a

    • So nuu… if thats the case i think the great depression and also the great recession would have fulfilled that! Nope no mashiach here?? Is he by your house??

  2. Well, Canada has already discontinued the penny and removed it from circulation and the US is considering such too.


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