Alert: Not All Pre-Pesach Clothing Drives Are the Same

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pesach-dropoff-clothingFrum Yidden in various communities have been surprised to learn that a number of pre-Pesach clothing collection efforts this year are not directing the clothing to families in Eretz Yisroel or other needy Jewish families. Because there are indeed some clothing drives for poor or needy families in Eretz Yisroel or elsewhere, some have assumed that all such drives spearheaded by mosdos, schools or chessed organizations are designed in the same way. In fact, however, has learned that a number of such drives will be sending the clothes off to be sold for pennies on the dollar, with the money then going to benefit the mosad or organization.

“This is important to know for two reasons,” an askan related. “Firstly, for the sake of integrity, so that people giving their clothes know where they are going and are not under any misconception as they clean out their closets.

“Secondly,” he continued, “I have been told by some people that they were careful not to donate old or worn out clothes, because they didn’t want a fellow Yid to have to wear their well-used items, preferring to donate only their better-quality garments that they no longer need or that they have outgrown. In cases where the clothes are being sold rather than given to other Jewish families, those donating might want to keep this in mind, as the quality of the garments may not be a factor to consider.”

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  1. Two other points. If the clothing are being sold by the pound, there is no need to give only clean clothing in good condition.

    Also, organizations that do send clothing to Eretz Yisroel or distribute locally, are impacted by these other drives’ collections. N’shei Ahavas Chesed in Brooklyn, Yad Leah in Passaic, Zichron Baila in Lakewood and Michas Shlomo do send the clothing to people. Contact them directly for information as to how & when to donate.

  2. Can anyone recommend a reliable clothing drive that actually gives the clothes to those in need, rather than selling it?

  3. I’m aware of a truck on Ave. J and East 21 Street, that I imagine is handling the clothing in this way. But if that helps a Torah institution, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I took a few bags of clothes over there this morning.

  4. People are bringing their dresses/suits to the cleaners, so that their fellow Bnai Torah can enjoy a beautiful garment. If they knew that the mosad was selling it for thirty cents per pound, they might be very unhappy. they could give the mosad a donation of thirty cents and give the suit to someone who might use it.

  5. The Lasker’s clothing and shoe shipments both here and in E”Y are the real deal.Every worthwhile article of clothing goes directly to families in Yerushalayim.
    Sometimes people are better than organizations.

  6. As mentioned, Minchas Shlomo based out of brooklyn sends a container every other month to EY. It has distributed from Afula down to Ofakim. Also they were behind the campaign sending the Gush Katif refugees winter clothing. I’ve personally seen them in action in EY.
    Check them out at:

  7. These guys are the same chevra that dumped shaimos – after charging tayere gelt to bury it.
    Chag Kosher V’Sameach

  8. What’s wrong? As long as it’s clear and upfront, nothing is wrong. But people should be clearly made aware before donating.

    if you have an expensive Sheva Brachos outfit (or men’s suit) that no longer fits. As you clean your closet you may deliberate – should I keep this hanging another year in case I lose weight and fit into it? Or should I donate it and have a needy choson/kallah in Eretz Yisroel wear it NOW and wear it often?

    Imagine if you choose the latter and then it gets sold by the pound for scrap material and a mosed gets $1.50 for it?? You could’ve donated old undershirts for the same benefit!

    ANd on the flip side, if you KNOW it’s being sold by the pound, now’s your chance to give all those bleached, stained, worn out, torn, ugly stuff, since the mosed benefits equally and quality won’t help anyone there.

  9. You can also give a contribution to the “Orthodox Jewish Chaplaincy Board” a California 501(c)3 group that services Jewish inmates in Southern California Jails and Prisons. Orthodox Jewish Chaplaincy Board, P.O. Box 480454, Los Angeles, CA 90048.
    A Kosher and Freilichen Paysach!

  10. What about the “Shaimos” trucks? Just like esrogim, they make up the price on the spot! The Shaimos business is a major scam! If not for mesira, I would of reported this illegal shenanigins! Shame on those lowlifes!

  11. a lot of people are listing reliable org.s that are not collecting clothing now. does anyone know of any of the trucks that are collecting now that are for sure reliable?

  12. ya The Special Children’s Center of lakewood & deal run by Mrs shewkey yaakov’s wife & Mrs Bender The Special Children’s Center provides around the clock respite for over 500 families living with the challenge of raising their special children at home. From after school programs, Sunday respite, summer camp programs, case management and advocacy to Center house Shabbos and 24 hour respite programs our families know that they are never alone. The Center is truly a lifeline for those families in need so please drop of your old ripped clothing i think they only have bins in lakewood
    1400 Prospect St, Lakewood, NJ 08701
    1 732.367.0099

  13. hi,
    any truck that says they are giving it to the cheder of Lakewood or bais faiga is legit!! basically they sort through everything and whatever is usable goes to poor JEWISH people and whatever is not usable gets sold y the pound

  14. please donate to the lakewood cheder/daja new gemach trucks all year around and pesach time. for more info call the gemach @ 732-966-0262

  15. i saw one truck clearly state all proceeds to benefit chessed activities. and their hotline number (8554467426) clearly states how and where they donate the clothing. in short it gets sorted then the good clothing gets given to local gmachs and the “unusable” (for most people in america)clothing is actually sold to 3rd world countries with the proceeds to the yeshiva/org. its a beautiful thing in my opinion. BTW the truck on J and 21st ha a very reliable hechser from a bais din in Lakewood NJ. I called the Av bais din myself to confirm. Ah Gut Yom Tov to ala Yiddin!


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