Alert: Red Flags Raised at Suspicious Kapparos Centers


lakewood-kapparos-2012-2Readers across the tri-state area and beyond are encouraged to be vigilant and use discretion regarding which kapparos centers they patronize.

In one instance investigated by a reporter, a kapparos center in Lakewood, NJ, charging just $5 a chicken, has raised suspicions. The signs announcing the kapparos service today, Tzom Gedaliah, had no name, no contact info, and no organizational name.

lakewood-kapparos-20121Furthermore, a person manning the kapparos center today refused to say who is behind the center or where the money will be going.

In addition, the kapparos ad stated that those patronizing the center should park in a shul parking lot across the street. However, the owner of the shul related that he was never asked and no permission was ever granted.

“People should be alerted that unscrupulous people might be taking advantage of others,” a community askon told “Yidden should check to make sure that wherever they go for kapparos should have a name and a reliable hechsher. If a center is legitimate, they should have nothing to hide. If they don’t answer your questions, go elsewhere.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. This placed is manned by a heimishe person with a “Chezkas Kashrus” , there is no reason to be soooo negative.You make it sound like you caught “The Ganov” .

  2. What makes it suspicious? How can you publicly ruin someones parnassah if you have no definite proof that its a scam? Do you understand the ramifications a day after rosh hashana? Shame on you

  3. This is nothing compared to Esrog “dealers”! The Esrog pricing scam is the worst of the worst! All these “chotim” will have to answer to a higher authority after 120! The only question is, why hasn’t the City cracked down on these unlicensed/tax free/illegal Esrog theives?! You see them fine people selling flowers, every now & then. Why not these Esrog crooks? They look so nice & frum with their long beards, but what ever happened to Dina Dimalchusa Dina? Oh, I guess that one is inconvenient! Shame on these gangsters!

  4. I remember a young child going with his family for kapporos. Despite the excitement of having used live chickens for kapporos, he saw that after the kapporos some of the fowl had broken wings which the child asked “is this not treif?” None of the adults noticed this but just forwarded the chicken to a shochet to be used for feeding poor families.
    “mepee ollilim v’yonkim yosadito oz”


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