“Allahu Akbar”: Knife Attacker Kills Man in Germany

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One man has been killed and three others wounded by a man wielding a knife east of Munich and police are investigating a possible Islamist connection, as witnesses said that the attacker shouted, “Allahu akbar!”

One victim is in a serious condition.

BBC reports that Angelika Obermayr, the mayor of Grafing, where the attack took place, told Sueddeutsche Zeitung that the suspect was a German national.

“The idea that people get on an S-Bahn train on a beautiful morning or do their paper round and then become victims of a maniac is terrible,” she was quoted as saying.



  1. That’s right, it is horrible. And hello, world, the exact same thing happens in Israel and for some reason you don’t think it’s horrible. Wonder why?

  2. Now you know why we need to elect Trump. According to Kerry and Hillary we need open borders so we can fill up America with more terrorists. Any American voting for Hillary is a fool. What’s happening in Europe must not be allowed to happen here. Vote Trump.


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