Almost 50 Percent of Foods in US Supermarkets Are Kosher


kosher-foodAccording to an article in the most recent Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, there is a paradox about the growing popularity of kosher products.

With observant Jews numbering barely one million in a United States population of 310 million, why are almost 50 percent of food items on supermarket shelves kosher? asks the ACS report.

The report notes that the number of kosher products on supermarket shelves has grown from about 3,000 in 1970 to more than 70,000 today. Those products meet the strict dietary and preparation standards set by Jewish law. The report points out that the strict standards for kosher foods has broaden its appeal to other individuals and other markets. Vegans and vegetarians, for instance, can look to kosher certification for assurance that animal-based products are not in their food. Likewise, Muslims who avoid pork can have confidence that kosher food is pork free.

Ensuring that food products are kosher is no simple task, according to the ACS report. The report notes that rabbis need to know everything that goes into a product in order to certify it – right down to the individual molecules that make up various foods. As a result, rabbis who certify food as kosher have to become chemists to a certain degree, in order to understand the chemical composition and origins of food ingredients.

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  1. Sadly enough, size comes at a price.
    Major Kashruth organizations rely on periodic checking of the manufacturing process.
    The printed labels with the respective Kosher symbols often wander about between different manufacturing plants in different US states.
    What was checked & found reliable in one plant in one state will not be checked in another anymore & the ingredients can be markedly different.
    The mashgichim would have to be trained to be real Sherlock Holmes to snoop out the tricks of the manufacturers.
    As a consequence, what you get in Kosher supervision is not necessarily what you see.
    This is a sad fact which I know from personal experience.

  2. The kosher food industry has become bigger than the certifying agencies can manage. And in the end, it is the consumer who must demand integrity from the kashrus agencies, and also be willing to accept less variety on their grocery shelves so that only the truly kosher products remain certified.

  3. “Rov” why do you always write “LeHachis” remarks. cholov stam, is NOT cholov akum. Go pick up a Shulchan Aruch instead of wasting your time! Or else go burn some tires in protest of moving goyishe Bones. Or else go support Hamas in Gaza like your friends! I could go on and on…..

  4. last week in a kosher grocery I bought a 6 pack of cholov yisroel ice cream bars for $5.99 – Shoprite sells 12 for $1.99. please explain!


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