Almost Forgotten German Jew Saved Thousands


A new documentary film sheds light on an almost forgotten Anglo-German Jew, Wilfrid Israel (1899-1943), who saved thousands of Jews before and during World War II, Times of Israel reported.

Named, The Essential Link, The Story of Wilfrid Israel, it discusses how the industrialist, whose family owned the largest department store in Berlin, organized the release of prisoners from concentration camps and the emigration of thousands of Jews, including the store’s Jewish employees, and helped launch the Kindertransport, which saved 10,000 children.

After the family firm was taken over by the Nazis at a fraction of its worth, Wilfred Israel left Germany. He returned on the eve of war to organize the dispatch of the last contingent of Kindertransport children, only leaving when his arrest was imminent.

He was formulating a plan to rescue Jews from Vichy France when eight German fighters shot down a passenger plane in which he was traveling.



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