Am Normali: New Religious Zionist Party Created To Fight Toava Values

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The Har Hamor Yeshiva, led by Rabbi Tzvi Tau, is preparing to launch its own political party, under the name “Noam: Am Normali BeArtzenu” [A Normal People In Our Own Land].

Channel 2’s Yair Cherki released the first images of the new party’s logo Friday, along with excerpts from a recent speech by Rabbi Tau which suggest the party’s focus will be on traditional values and social conservatism.

The Left, Rabbi Tau, “doesn’t care about anyone. They don’t really care about what they say is being considerate of minority groups, of the wretched, of the helpless. They are using them in a cheap way, burying them, keeping them in their difficult situations with no way out, no way of improving [their situation] because this is ‘in their nature’, and you must not treat it, and no psychologist today would dare say that it can be treated, even though they know deep down that it can be treated, but you’re not allowed to say it.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Why wouldn’t all religious parties fight toava? They don’t give a hoot about Shabbos nor drafting religious boys and girls. All they care is about money, money, money.

    • To anonymous: Amazing lashon hara!
      Each party fights for specific values. Mostly behind the scenes. But as far as specific “charedi”parties are concerned – there’s one thing basic to Judaism that is uncontestable – the more Torah in this country, i.e. knowledge about what this country is REALLY all about -the less trash. Many roads lead to the same goal.

  2. M A Z A L * T O V ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    May Hashem give Noam: Am Normali BeArtzenu tremendous Hatzlacha!!


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