Amazon Devices Save Your Voice Recordings Unless You Delete Them

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On Wednesday, Amazon issued a response to a series of questions posed by Senator Chris Coons in May about Amazon’s privacy and data security practices for Alexa devices, and one specific answer he received was troublesome enough to make headlines all over the internet.

Amazon confirmed that it “[retains] customers’ voice recordings and transcripts until the customer chooses to delete them.”

In other words, unless you manually delete voice recordings associated with your account, they could, in theory, sit on Amazon’s servers until the end of time. A Voice History feature is available in both the Alexa app and online from the Alexa Privacy Hub. From there, Alexa device owners can delete individual voice recordings, voice recordings over a specific time frame, or all voice recordings at once. But as Amazon VP of public policy Brian Huseman notes in his response, “other records of customers’ Alexa interactions” may still be retained.

Read more at THE NY POST.



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