Amazon Prime Has Over 100 Million Subscribers


Amazon Prime membership has exceeded 100 million paid Prime members worldwide, according to company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

In his annual shareholder letter – published since 1997 and widely considered a must-read among executives and business leaders around the globe – Bezos listed the 100 million-plus figure as one of Amazon’s chief milestones from the past year. In 2017, Amazon shipped more than 5 billion items with Prime worldwide, Bezos wrote, and Prime gained more new members than in any previous year.

The number of Prime subscribers for years has been a closely held secret and the focus of much speculation. The figure also confirms that Prime is one of the world’s largest Internet subscriptions and a behemoth among online retailers. Netflix, by comparison, has 125 million subscribers.

(c) 2018, The Washington Post · Rachel Siegel 




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