Ambassador David Friedman: ‘Only US Can Make Israeli-Palestinian Peace’

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US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Thursday insisted his country was the only one capable of forging lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians and urged the Palestinian leadership to follow Washington’s vision for an economic peace.

Asked to comment on a summit between the EU and the Palestinians taking place in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, the ambassador was quick to dismiss international conciliation efforts.

“The only country that can bring peace to the Palestinians and the Israelis is the United States”, Friedman insisted.

Palestinians have nonetheless insisted the “Deal of the Century” was dead on arrival, with US-Palestinian relations at an all-time low. But the ambassador also said that the US government had “communications with the Palestinian leadership that are not always public.”

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  1. Our Ambassador is delusional, Israel will have to give more piece for peace and still there will be no peace and Israel will be missing more land and more money for nothing but for some thing on a piece of paper that is worthless. Then all will take a bow and another missile will land in Israel and it will start again. Then again a piece for peace.

  2. Not the US nor anyone else. Can’t he understand that there will never be peace with this new group of people calling themselves Balestinians (who can’t even say ‘p’) until Moshiach comes.


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