American Friends of Laniado Hospital Celebrates Hospital’s 40th Anniversary with Festive Dinner


The highly-acclaimed Lanaido Hospital in Netanya recently celebrated 40 years since their founding with a well-attended festive dinner, hosted by the American Friends of Laniado Hospital. The May 22nd event, took place in Dumbo, Brooklyn, recognizing the Hospital’s growth over 40 years and the construction of their new Birthing Center; a fitting theme for a medical center that opened its doors in 1976 with the birth of its first baby and in 2015 hosted 8,095 births.

The evening began with an address by Dinner Chairman, Mr. Neil S. Goldstein, Esq., who from his vantage point of being involved with the institution for 35 years expressed his admiration for the world-class medical institution that Laniado Hospital has become.  Cantor Chaim Kiss then impressed the audience with his melodious voice, singing both the American and Israeli national anthems. A video presentation about Laniado’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit left a lasting impression on those present, with recounts of first-hand stories from two women who became friends after their newborns spent months in the NICU; to a mother who was so impressed with the Laniado nursing staff that she decided she wanted to study nursing and work at Laniado. The underlying theme of each narrative was of the unparalleled care and concern of the medical and nursing staff at Laniado, that without the wonderful team at Laniado these parents would not have been able to carry on – Laniado is a hospital with a big heart.

The Dinner paid tribute to Mrs. Edith Wieder who dedicated ‘The Adolf Wieder and Rella Wieder Hemo-Oncology Day Treatment & Research Unit’ in honor of her late husband and daughter. In addition, Abbey and Eli Tenenbaum were awarded the ‘Young Leadership Award’ for their selfless dedication and support of the American Friends of Laniado Hospital. Rabbi Yitzchok Waldman, Executive Vice President of the American Friends of Laniado Hospital, spoke of Laniado’s uniqueness even after 40 years. He emphasized the ties between the Hospital and the US; that the hospital was recently able to purchase a number of pieces of important equipment as a result of the generosity of American supporters. Rabbi Waldman recounted the Torah story of the building of the Tower of Bavel, a tower built on egos that led to destruction; rather we should build towers for a higher purpose that represent positive strength and love, to heal the sick and take in those less fortunate. Laniado is that tower, whose higher purpose is one of care, concern, and love. Rabbi Waldman thanked Mrs. Hadassah Greenwald for attending the Dinner. Her husband, Sidney, zt”l was the right-hand of the Hospital founder, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Halberstam, the Klauzenberger-Sanz Rebbe, zt”l. Rabbi Waldman also thanked Mrs. Phyllis Zyskind as Tribute Chairperson, and Michael Weissbrot and Avi and Mindy Nisanov as Journal Chairpersons.  A special expression of gratitude was given to Dr. Edward Burns and Dr. Kenneth Prager, Chairmen of the American Friends of Laniado Hospital’s Medical Advisory Board.

Mr. Ravi Batra, Esq., an esteemed friend of the American Friends of Laniado Hospital, introduced the Honorable Yuriy Sergeyev, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations. Mr. Sergeyev spoke of Laniado’s great achievements and how grateful the UN community is for their assistance to Nepalese earthquake victims last year. He invited everyone to stand behind the Hospital that rose out of the ashes of the Holocaust, to help all those in need and those who have suffered.

The evening was a real celebration of Laniado Hospital, a modern and highly advanced medical center with expertise in all major medical disciplines. Its modern 430 bed comprehensive health care facility is the only hospital serving Netanya’s 350,000 residents as well as the rapidly growing city’s surrounding towns and villages. The Hospital’s wonderful reputation precedes it – as a Hospital with a warm heart.

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