American Medical Association: Obesity Officially Classified As A Disease


fat-stomachThe nation’s largest group of physicians announced it is classifying obesity as a disease. It’s a decision that could have a serious impact on the estimated 90 million Americans who are obese.

The next time you go see your doctor, you may be in for a more serious discussion about your diet and exercise. It’s simply a recommendation, but the American Medical Association hopes its ruling will send a strong message to the medical community, and that the message will get to you.

The American Medical Association officially calls obesity a disease.

“They hope that this will cause doctors to take it more seriously and insurance will pay for more of the treatments around this,” said ABC News Senior Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. John de Beixedon focuses a fourth of his practice specifically on weight-loss. He says it’s going to take more than a name-change to tackle obesity.

“Just willy-nilly telling somebody ‘OK, diet and exercise, that’s all you have to do.’ It’s not going to work. You really have to give people real specifics,” said de Beixedon.

He says to be effective doctors need more time with their patients and consistent follow-up. And whether Medicare and other insurance will pay for weight-loss treatments remains to be seen.

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  1. This is not a big deal but if you ask me, Hashem designed many of us to indeed be a little bit heavy and round in the middle. If you think that everyone should be told that they have a disease because they ate a few hot dogs in the good old days, give the token of liberty back to your horse.


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