American Museum Of Natural History To Remove Teddy Roosevelt Statue 


The American Museum of Natural History in New York City will remove a statue of former president Theodore Roosevelt from outside its main entrance.

The move, announced on Sunday, follows incidents across the US in which statues of Confederate generals and leaders and other historical figures linked to slavery and the dispossession of indigenous Americans have been forcibly removed or destroyed.

In San Francisco on Friday a statue of another president, Ulysses S Grant, was among monuments pulled down in Golden Gate Park. Grant led Union armies to victory in the civil war and as president fought the Ku Klux Klan. But before defeating the slave-owning Confederacy he married into a slave-owning family and briefly owned a slave himself.

Roosevelt occupied the White House from 1901 to 1909. A keen outdoorsman and hunter, he helped form the museum’s collection.

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  1. Enough already!!! DeBallsio and all these left wing loonies are turning America into some third world communist country. We can’t let that happen. Yidden, start paying attention to what is going on outside of our communities because it’s creeping into our communities.

  2. One day, MLK won’t be woke enough, and they’ll start pulling statues of him down as well. Thought police on steroids.

  3. I think all the BLM protesters should through away all the dollar bills with pictures of presidents that owned slaves. Of course I’d like to know where that’ll take place.

  4. What will they do about Mount Rushmore ?

    “[Roosevelt] became a driving force for the anti-trust policy while supporting Progressive Era policies in the early 20th century.” -Wikipedia

    Oh for goodness sake!

  5. So when will they rename the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Monument?

    Is Lincoln safe?

    Political correctness run amok or mass insanity? You decide.

  6. This is just to wake up the sleeping public who were brainwashed by fakestream media for tens of years (or hundreds) to the corruption of the Democrats and abolish their party once and for all. The more the lawlessness, hopefully the more will wake up and then they’ll be able to “officially” bring the head criminals to justice. (“Officially” because they’re really not here anymore and the public has to, on their own, ostracize them.)

  7. This Is what happens when people have too much time on their hands and no sports or entertainment to keep their attention occupied.
    For Jews it’s Talmud torah and derech eretz bec the pursuit of both prevents sin (Avos). For non Jews it’s been their work and entertainment (or academic pursuits). Take away their entertainment and now they have way too much time on heir hands.

    Please Hashem open up baseball soon, give these people something to do


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