Americans Will Wear Masks For ‘Several Years’ Due To Coronavirus

Amer Sweidan/Courtesy of Qatar Airlines
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Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, believes Americans won’t be taking off their masks anytime soon.

“There’s going to be no summertime lull with a big wave in the fall,” he said as part of CNET’s Hacking the Apocalypse series. “It’s clear that we are having a significant resurgence of cases in the summer, and they’ll get bigger. And it’ll keep going until we lock things down again.”

Toner, contrasting the novel virus to seasonal influenza, said until there is a vaccine, communities’ best defense against it is through creating distance and wearing masks.

“I think that mask wearing and some degree of social distancing, we will be living with — hopefully living with happily — for several years,” he said. “It’s actually pretty straightforward. If we cover our faces, and both you and anyone you’re interacting with are wearing a mask, the risk of transmission goes way down.”

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  1. America will NOT wear masks for several years. One of these days I'd expect people to revolt against it.

    And it’s not even to protect others as the virus is 300 microns which means it can get through those m95’s.

  2. Another non-expert on a non-news network. The only thing these groise chachomim know is fear mongering. The whole corona is almost over and they’re just trying to push it as close to the election as possible. They are that low. The fact is that social distancing barely made a dent in the virus in places where it was bad; the virus ended on it’s own merry schedule. And there isn’t a shred of evidence to back up the mask lunacy.

  3. Can you please post articles that are scientifically sound rather than propaganda?
    Anyone who knows how to read can tell you that studies show that masks don’t work. The coronavirus is smaller than the weave of the masks

  4. To the people who are sincerely wondering if masks work or do not work

    It is kind of true that masks do not completely block the virus. If you are actually dealing with covid19 and for 100% protection you need something else, probably a supplied-air-respirator which gives you definitely clean air, or at the very least, a PAPR on top of a single-use respirator.
    The problem is that, “thanks” to the mishandling of the epidemic, the disease is out in the wild and you may be exposed simply by meeting someone who looks OK. You are not a biologist trained for handling of deadly viruses, you are not in a lab, you do not even have an employer to blame, you are on your own.

    Also there is a lot of confusion between surgical masks which are NOT a PPE and actual PPE. Only the bluish 3M N95 developed a few years ago, ever got simultaneous approval as PPE and as surgical masks. The “ordinary” surgical masks are NOT PPE and they will not reduce much your probability of catching the virus, although they cut down significantly (but not completely) the chance of someone spreading it. There is also a confusion between the size of the virus and the size of droplets or aerosol or even dust or pollen carrying the virus.

    My Humble Advice (Disclaimer: I am not a MD, ask your own, nor a Rabbi, ask your own)

    If you have a beard you need a loose-fitting PAPR which should cut down by a factor of 30-40 your exposure, or even a factor of 100 if done very properly. Make sure you demand the seller to train you. NOTE for Shabbos (NOT): PAPR has a “P” for powered.
    If you are a lady or a young man without a beard, or if you are a Yid with a shaved beard (much better than a beard without a Yid), get a N98 or N100 mask (aka single-use respirator) or at the very least a N95. If you buy a KN95 mask with earloops, you must get a tensionator, that’s a piece of plastic available in Chinese shops or the internet, or you can have a very fancy version 3Dprinted, the super fancy version costs a couple of dollars. The plastic thing you can disinfect and keep reusing it. This sort of mask, if correctly worn, will cut down 20-30-50 times your exposure level. You probably won’t have any chemical exposure and the like, which means you can reuse the masks by putting them in a paper bag and leaving them alone for 5+ days (get more masks and label the bags, if you get out every day) you can also use a disposable surgical mask on top of it. Replace and discard the masks when they are dirty, when the face seal feels different, or you feel breathing through it has become significantly harder.
    If you have COPD or other respiratory troubles, talk to your doctor, do NOT use a mask respirator, and you may be able to use a PAPR.
    For children, keep in mind FDA warns against masks for babies under 2 year old due to suffocation risk, and if you do use a mask for your young child, always supervise him/her, even if they’re above 2yrs and cleared by FDA. If your kid is older and well able to use a mask but they don’t fit him or her, get a tensionator which also serves as a size adjuster.

    People work in toxic atmosphere! In “inert” i.e. 0% oxygen atmosphere! In vacuum, e.g. in space! With the most dangerous biohazards! In corrosive atmosphere! With deadly aerosols and vapors! This goes on every day and they don’t get hurt. YOU TOO won’t get hurt, if you do things correctly and choose appropriately your PPE and learn how to use it. Don’t listen to propaganda, and make sure your spouse and children don’t R”L become widowed and orphans, or have to tend to a disabled family member instead of being supported and helped by you. Protect your life, and let other people do whatever they want.


  5. this guy obviously has no idea what hes talking about! not just because a yid in lkwd says so, its because americans stopped wearing masks about 2 months ago. so they will not be wearing them for years or months!!!

  6. this guy obviously has no idea what hes talking about! not just because a yid in lkwd says so, its because americans stopped wearing masks about 2 months ago. so they will not be wearing them for years or months!!!

  7. No thank you. I will not be wearing any mask for “years to come”. I don’t wear a mask now so why would I wear one later? I only wear one when I go to stores that are extra makpid, and even then I only cover my mouth, not my nose. As soon as I exit the store, I immediately remove it completely.

    • you like acting like a selfish buffoon? maybe dont shop the stores if they dont want you there? you have no right to be on a stores premises if they dont want you there not following their rules.

  8. This is pure lunacy. In places where things are quiet right now with regard to the spread of this Chinese virus, we need to go on with life without being hampered by all of these scared people. They are welcome to continue to hibernate, but those ready to move on with a normal life shouldn’t be forced not to. There are plenty of Rabbonim and medical professionals who have expressed this, although I acknowledge that there are Rabbonim and medical professionals in the opposite camp as well.

  9. again, the news is not reporting what happened. Lately all the news is reporting “Nevuos” prophesy!! Just report the news. not what everyone decides will happen in the future.

    • Where have you been hiding? The change, where newsrooms became entertainment specials, started in the late 1970’s when sweeps week (the entertainment push for advertising dollars) went mainstream. Many veteran broadcasters refused to “dummy” down reporting and were either threatened or fired or given assignments that were insulting. This isn’t about nevuah, it’s about $$$$ and $$$$ is the future, past and present.


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