America’s Oldest Department Store Going Out Of Business

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Lord & Taylor will close all of its stores under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, ending the department store chain’s nearly 200-year run.

The company on Thursday said that it would close all of its 38 stores in liquidation sales, a reversal from last week’s decision to keep 14 locations open as it pursues Chapter 11.

Lord & Taylor, which began as a Manhattan dry goods store in 1824, was sold to the French rental clothing company Le Tote Inc last year.

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  1. If you know the story of how this establishment got its name, then you know that only the “Taylor” half of the business is closing, not the “Lord” half!

      • Correct. I was referring to the legend they told us kids back in the ‘50s. About how Mr. Taylor’s business was doing poorly so he vowed to make the L-rd a full partner by giving extensive charity to Jewish causes, and his business, now named Lord & Taylor, boomed ever since.

        • It was a joke, especially the part about “Taylor And Partner” and Hashem replying “I will help, but I want the store to be named “Lord & Taylor”!!!”

    • Or Primark, like the one located in Kings Plaza (Brooklyn). Cotton shirts can be had for $8.00. Their hand towels are really good quality and for only $3.00. Bought a bunch for my kids before they went to camp.

  2. Yes, this is very, very terrible. Every single business, no matter how small, that was compelled to totally fold as a result of the Covid Lockdown thingy, was a terrible tragedy. And certainly this one, which was a profoundly prestigious vendor and was the first department store in the U.S., its ruination is an especially terrible tragedy that is compounded thousands of time over.

    It is just one more huge example of the severe devastation that the Lockdowns have brought on our country. It turns out that they have been totally not necessary, as there are numerous good effective true Natural Medical cures for the Covid problem. The excessively wicked parts of the government though, completely ignored them and instead, choose to “treat” the disease with the bizarre destructive Lockdowns. They declared that it was a “good plan” to “save” the country — by destroying it!!

  3. (Continuation of my remark)

    They do the almost identical thing with the Yenem Machla (C——-). They totally ignore and dismiss and even attempt to obliterate the numerous good proven effective cures that DO exist for it in the realm of Natural Healing. There have been countless instances when whole teams of agents of the FDA and the FBI together with local law enforcement officers suddenly bashed into clinics that were BRILLIANTLY HELPING AND CURING numerous Yenem Machla patients utilizing various natural-medical techniques. They arrested the doctors and threw them in jail, confiscated all the patient records and other office files, confiscated the supplies, and completely shut down the clinics.

    Instead, the ONLY treatment forms that they “allow” are these three: 1.) Surgery 2.) Radiation 3.) Chemotherapy

    With surgery, ANY surgical incision, even an extremely tiny one, into a person, is trauma to that person. Certainly then, a large-scale complex operation is extremely severe trauma to the person; that trauma is so massively terrible to the person that he could very likely immediately die from it. Even when he does survive the procedure, he is gravely weakened; recuperation thus usually takes exceedingly long times, and in many cases, full complete recuperation never occurs, for he will be in a weakened state for the rest of his life.

    Radiation and Chemotherapy are excessively, excessively harmful poisons that horrendously ruin most of a person’s physiology. Then, with a badly wrecked metabolism and being exceedingly severely weakened — the image of a person undergoing chemo or/and radiation is that of a ghostly faint shadow of his former self — he is easily struck with and soon succumbs to all kinds of “other,” even “minor” diseases.

    So, the fear and the terror that a person feels upon hearing a Yenem Machla diagnosis is really NOT because of the Machla itself, but rather because he well knows about the horrific things that (they CLAIM that) “they will have to do to him” for it. And, the common “table talk” is that in most cases of Yenem Machla deaths, the person did not die from the Machla itself but rather from the heavy wreckage done by the surgeries or/and the radiation or/and the chemo.

    Yes, they think that this is a good treatment for the Yenem Machla: kill the person in order to “save” him!!


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