Ami Horowitz Uncovers Open Anti Semitism At Top Universities

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  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!! KOL HA KAVOD Mr Horowitz! Can someone pls show this to Mr. Trump and post it every single day on the front pg of Matzav until every single person sees it?! Why are there no more comments on this? I am afraid that not enough people saw this! Every single Jew (an even non-Jew) in the States MUST see this!

    When I headed to the post-graduate studies many yrs ago to the top Ivy League University (I actually checked out few of them) I was extremely disturbed with the liberalism and “acceptance of everything and everyone” but as long as it fits their standards (same as they did in Sodom). They don’t have a problem with a Jew as long as it’s molded to fit their matrix. The amount of hidden anti-semitism was so much in the air, as well as perverse distortion of truth just in order to justify lies they live in. American universities are shaping American reality, so don’t be surprised to see in 10 yrs rising of the contemporary H**** on the American ground, disguised in the liberal “justice for all”. Unfortunately, Trump didn’t actually bring so much good for us, because his “love” for Jews in his term could fire back at us in the next term. Just look how they are pushing “innocent” new face of a Muslim, and immigrant, and woman (she’s just not proclaimed LGBTXYZ yet) Ilhan Omar. She is almost everything needed to represent “oppressed” minorities and to spill all her hutzpa on Jews, Israel, and even her president.

    The base of all anti-Semitism is fighting against the “TRUTH”. Even goyim (although on the sub-conscious level) recognize that JUDAISM=TRUTH. Today we see such an increase in anti-Semitism precisely because the world is sinking into lies more than ever. You can’t have LGBTXYZ society accepted on all levels without wiping the “TRUTH” first. That’s why we are an everlasting thorn in their eyes. That’s why they must wipe-out Jews. Be it from campuses or from Israel.


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