Amid Economic Turmoil, Amazon Sales Offers Unique Opportunities, 2 Day Amazon Bootcamp Coming To Catskills  


Among the top casualties of the compounding Coronavirus crises has been people’s jobs and business success. Unemployment skyrocketed and countless businesses needed to shut their doors – many permanently.

However, there is one popular industry in our community whose entrepreneurs have flourished like never before. As brick and mortar stores were shut down for months; customers remain afraid to shop; and many items household items were out of stock; Americans are relying on Amazon more than ever.

Responding to changing economic conditions, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has arranged for a special 2 day Amazon bootcamp – for the first time ever in the Catskills. The bootcamp will be held on Monday and Tuesday, July 27 and 28, at the Raleigh Hotel. (Covid-19 safety guidelines will be followed.) A full series of workshops will be delivered by Avi and Yosef Rosenthal of Rosy deals, preeminent E-Commerce entrepreneurs and consultants.

Entrepreneurs in our community – both those starting out and those leaving struggling careers – are jumping at the opportunity to join the fray of successful Amazon sellers. The Orthodox Jewish community’s success in the Amazon industry has already made international headlines; Orthodox sellers in NY/NJ comprise over 15% of third party Amazon sellers. These numbers are now bound for historic expansion.

Graduates of the bootcamp will have all the knowledge necessary to succeed in the industry, with limitless opportunity. “It is a nachas to see so many attendees of previous Chamber Amazon workshops enjoying tons of success,” says Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. “We look forward to seeing many others join their ranks, b’ezras Hashem, and make a profound impact on our economy during these trying times.”

Seminar is open to men and women. Slots are limited; RSVP promptly. As a service to the community, the Chamber is offering the course at a subsidized rate. Please visit to reserve.





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