Amos Oz: I Said Neo-Nazis, not Nazis


amos-ozIs there even a difference?

Famed writer Amos Oz refused today to take back the comparison he made between Jewish perpetrators of Price Tag vandalism and neo-Nazis, reports Arutz Sheva.

“The comparison I made on Friday is to neo-Nazis and not to Nazis,” the 75-year-old Oz said in an interview on IDF Radio. “Nazis erect crematoria and gas chambers. Neo-Nazis desecrate places of worship, beat innocent people and spray paint racist slogans. That is what our neo-Nazis do. I did not say Nazis.”

“I wanted to shock,” admitted Oz, according to¬†Arutz Sheva. “And I think it is time to see that there is no difference between what our Nazis do. Both of them desecrate places of worship, destroy property and beat up innocent people. Show me the difference between Europe’s neo-Nazis and our neo-Nazis. I would not have used the word ‘Nazis’ and I oppose it.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Has Mr OZ ever been so touched by desecration of Jewish places of worship? Who are the innocent people he speaks of? I also dont know who he thinks he shocked.The time we will be shocked is when he is shocked by the brutality of our Ishmaelite cousins.Why do you give credence to such a self hater?

  2. Oz=
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