An Issue Out of Tissue: United Airlines Forgets To Stock Plane With Toilet Paper For 10-Hour Flight

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toilet-paper-2A United Airlines forgot to pack toilet paper for a ten hour long flight. United Airlines admitted to the blunder after it was exposed on the web forum FlyerTalk. They quickly issued a statement apologizing for the colossal mistake.

“We apologize to our customers on this flight for the inconvenience and would like the opportunity to welcome them back.”

A photo posted on FlyerTalk shows dozens of serviettes stuffed into vomit bags with the words “toilet paper” written across the bags in black pen.

According to The Sun, crew noticed the Boeing 777 travelling from San Francisco to London had exhausted its supply of loo paper as they prepared to takeoff – but there wasn’t enough time to restock.


Read more at NEW.COM.AU.

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  1. I can’t believe that a web site like Matzav that’s so Makpid on Loshon Harah would post an article like this. It’s Mamesh Lashon Harah on United airlines

  2. Did we really need to hear about this? I do not view myself as better informed about current events after seeing the title of the article.

  3. Always pack some necessary basics with you (food, toilet paper etc.) You never know, they may start charging extra for it.

  4. #3 if the Torah [bible] says its muter to say loshon harah about goyim then it’s muter don’t try to be frumer than the Torah


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