An Open letter to European Jews Who Condemn Israel


anti-israelBy Rabbi Yaakov Spivak

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:

There is nothing more pitiful than a condemned man asking his executioner for the sword so that he may do his work for him.

As anti-Semitism rages once again in the blood-soaked lands which contain the ashes of your families, you have committed an act of potential suicide.

Three thousand of you, in a traitorous, backstabbing moment, have signed a petition condemning the State of Israel for its “actions” against the Palestinians.

By that act alone, you have strengthened the hand of the Iranian Hitler and all his cohorts in the Middle East who promise their constituents that they will wipe out every man, woman and child in Israel.

“You see,” they now say, “even the Jews themselves agree with us!”

None of our enemies over the last two thousand years could have asked for more justification for their murderous plans than that which you have given Ahmadinejad and Al Qaeda.

After the loss of six million of your brothers and sisters in the lands you foolishly live in, you have learned nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Your blood is on your own heads.

If ever there was a Divine Message to leave the European Galut/Exile, it was delivered between 1939 and 1945.

Fools! The G-d of Israel has given you a place of refuge, and you do everything you can to undermine it!

In the lifetimes of many of you, you have seen Europe go from a Hitlerean Krystalnacht to present-day synagogues in Berlin requiring armed guards for the High Holidays.

You French Jews who signed the petition condemning Israel have suddenly forgotten that your chief rabbi begged Orthodox Jewish youngsters not to wear their yarmulkes in the street. All around you Islamic extremists fling Jewish products off the shelves of Parisian stores, and throw rocks at Jewish school children. One can almost see Herzl walking home at night from the Dreyfus trial with the words “Mort pour les Juife!,” “Death to the Jews!” ringing in his ears.

Sleep peacefully, O’ you Jews of Paris and Berlin. Certainly the blood soaked lands you live in will provide protection for you the day the Islamic extremists overrun them!
Of course they will.

The lesson of the 1930s screams out to you: Jabotinsky going from town to town in Europe proclaiming “Jews! My hair is grey with worry over you. You are sitting atop a volcano. Run for your lives!” The Jews of Europe did not listen then, but they never tried to block their own escape route as you do now.

The economic instability of Europe glares from headlines around the world as rioters rock the streets of Greece, and Spain shakes in its boots. It was just this kind of economic crisis which paved the way for Hitler.

The Islamo-fascists living near you see this as their moment to seize. With help from their oil rich cousins in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, they will offer economic “relief” to the financially strapped European countries to which they have migrated. There will, of course, be strings attached. While you sign petitions condemning your fellows Jews in Israel, these thugs will be taking out contracts on your lives!

How dare you! The world has not let up against us for two thousand years, and now you aid and abet the hand of the enemy by signing a document that they can point to in order to justify sending homicide bombers into Israeli pizza shops to murder Jewish children in cold blood.

One day you will beg Israel to grant you refuge from a Europe whose message to you should have been clear seventy years ago. Who knows? Maybe the Haifa harbor will be blockaded once again. Maybe your refugee ships will be turned away as others were in the past.

You are disconnected from reality, and if you do not act now by standing up for your people, you are doomed.

You have damaged Israel in the eyes of the world.

May Heaven have mercy on your Souls.

Rabbi Yaakov Spivak is Rosh Yeshiva of Kollel Ayshel Avraham in Monsey, New York. He hosts a radio talk show weeknights at 10 on WSNR 620AM, and writes a blog for The New York Daily News. A former adjunct professor of media at Ramapo College, Rabbi Spivak has made numerous appearances on Fox News Channel, MSNBC and in various other media.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. This writing by the mos rabbi is a bit too zionist for my tastes. It does have some good points to it though.

  2. What is he talking about?? We are missing a major amount of background here – Jews in Europe condemned Israel..? And what about those in the US?

  3. I’m always angry when I see Jews of ANY kind, from any place, protesting, placing ads in newspapers or doing any action to undermine other Jews. It doesn’t matter if these people are Natrina, NK’s or any other frum group or Chassidim or Leftists, secular Jews.
    And I’m not only talking about Israel, I’m talking about any situation, be it Rubashkin or communal issues. Some Jews in an effort to appear pleasing to the world, bash their own brothers and sisters making sure it’s on public record. They erronously believe that by putting their view forward to the world, the non-Jews will know that Jews are not really that bad, since they know that there are others who think differently.
    That is a huge mistake. Eisav sonei lYaakov. This will never change. By fighting ideoligal battles publicly it undermines the seriousness of Jew hating as goyim see Jews hating fighting with each other.

    We seem to forget that the Bais Hambikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinum. When we turn against each other we breach our own defenses against the world.

  4. I think the Rabbi was no “too zionist”
    as was expressed comment No.1
    He was stating facts.
    Europe is becoming more anti Semitic by the day, and for Jews living there to speak out against Israel is suicidal.
    The Jews of France are dwelling in a very hostile country filled with Arabs and other Jew haters; other countries on the continent are not much better.
    I hope Israel is making contingency plans for a mass influx from Europe.


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