An Open Letter to Michael Bloomberg

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bloombergHonorable Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg,
City Hall, New York, N.Y.
253 Broadway, 10th floor,
New York, N.Y., 10007

Honorable Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg,

You claim you care about people’s health, but do you really care or do you have a different agenda, so if you can kindly clarify some points for me [& many others] so we can know where you truly stand.

A) You have a major anti-smoking campaign, claiming you are concerned about people’s health, well then how did you declare [in June ‘12] that you’re for legalizing marijuana. As we all know studies show that marijuana cigarettes are “20 times” more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes.

B) You announced a ban on soft drinks larger than 16 Oz, claiming [once again] you are concerned about our health, on this I have 3 questions.

1) Was it not you at the hot dog contest cheering [& you even spoke], don’t we all know that hot dogs are from the most unhealthy food there is?

2) How about your proclamation for Donut Day in New York?

3) How come you didn’t propose a ban on beer, milkshakes and all other drinks that have more calories than a soda?

C) You [& your Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (or ‘DOHMH’)] have proposed an amendment to the NYC Health Code to require written parental consent prior to circumcision with metzizah b’peh (or ‘mbp’), claiming [in your statement] you’re doing this to “protect the health of infants”, on this I have many questions.

1) Why would you use flawed information written by Dr. Thomas R. Frieden [head of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (or ‘CDC’)] who you know from when he was your commissioner of the ‘DOHMH’ he had an anti ‘mbp’ agenda, [& you know your current commissioner of the ‘DOHMH’ [Dr. Thomas Farley] also has an anti ‘mbp’ agenda] could it be your nanny boy infested mind is so desperate to make NYC more of a Nanny State that it will use flawed information just to make a case that there is a risk for the infant, so Nanny Mike can come in to protect their health, [I enclosed the proof that the ‘CDC’ report is flawed.]

2) According to the ‘CDC’ the chances of an infant dying after having ‘mbp’ is 1 in 18,785.25 {based on their report that in a six year period 20,493 infants had ‘mbp’, making that 37,570.5 in an eleven year period, they also claim to have two cases of death in an infant that had ‘mbp’ in an eleven year period, [& both those cases where never proven to be linked to ‘mbp’, one the two year old brother had herpes & the other the nursing mother had herpes,] making the chance of dying after having ‘mbp 1 in 18,785.25}, & the chance of dying from a bike accident is 1 in less than 5,000 so how come you do not require the seller to provide information about the risks involved & parental consent.

3) It is a bigger chance you will die in car accident than from ‘mbp’, but you don’t require dealers to provide information about the risk involved.

4) Your ‘DOHMH’ put out a brochure on ‘mbp’ titled “before the bris”, so I was shocked to discover that you do not have brochures on bicycle & car safety.

5) How come you do not have a requirement for Dr. & Nurses to notify parents about the danger of them or any family member being contact with the infant if they have herpes, as we know a lot more babies died from herpes by contacting family members with herpes, you don’t even have abrochure about the danger [like you have about ‘mbp’.]

6) Your ‘DOHMH’ statement says we strongly advise that ‘mbp’ never be performed, I was shocked that there is no advice not to ride a bike or drive a car {& all members of the ‘DOHMH’ probably do drive}.

7) How about your promise to the orthodox Jewish community I quote “as long as I am in office there won’t be any problem”.
In short, please clarify what your agenda is because you claim you care for our health but [as I have written above] it looks like you’re on a Nanny State & anti ‘mbp’ agenda.

September 11, ‘12,
Sean Kay, In the name of the L.Y.H.N.B.T. Group

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  1. A) Marijuana is not more dangerous (just search Google) and the legalization is a response to rising incarnation rates. I for one welcome not having to wade through clouds of smoke.
    B)obviously you can eat unhealthy once in a while. The problem is people overdrinking soda specifically and then turning to government healthcare when they get chronic illnesses.
    C) Epidemiology is very complicated so throwing numbers around tells me nothing. The main issue with mbp was mohellim doing it without parental knowledge or permission.
    Thank you Mike Bloomberg for bringing 311, restaurant health grades, public smoking bans, tech companies and growth friendly zoning to NYC. Good luck in Philanthropy.

  2. Dear Mr. Kay
    The mayor won’t be responding to your letter, but I am happy to. Please note their is no need for you to agree with everything or even anything I say, and that is fine. I will however respond to all of your points.

    A) We don’t all know this this, in fact most studies show the opposite. This however is beside the point since you are missing a key point. Their is no push to make smoking illegal. Both should be legal and heavily restricted.

    B) 1-3 . Hotdogs are not a leading cause of obesity in this country. Having “soda day” is probably a good idea. The problem with soda is that for many , especially among lower socioeconomic circles, soda is THE drink of choice. This is not the case for beer and milkshakes. Eliminating or curtailing this terribly unhealthy drink of choice could go a long way towards cutting the obesity epidemic currently plaguing this country.
    Also Tofasta meruba lo tofasta. An argument as to why not ban other things isnt an argument why not to ban some things.

    C) 1. The author is irrelevant if you can debate the facts fine.

    2. This one is more complicated. For one thing their is a known risk involved with riding bikes. Many in our circles do not realize their is a risk involved with metzitza informed consent will solve precisely that issue. Secondly their are safety guards in place for bikes their are laws requiring helmets for example. Moreover There is parental consent, when the parent buys the bike! With mbp too often an unsuspecting parent who does not know of mbp and like ruba deruba deruba of klal yisroel does not view it as necessary has it done by a chasidish mohel who does not get the parent’s permission and does as his mesora (not theirs) demands.

    3) As above, please subsitute car for bicylcle and carseat for helmet.

    4) This is a repeat of 2-3

    5) If there is a plan for any herpes infected family members to put their mouths on an open cut of the baby, yes the Doctors should advise against it. and I share your outrage if this is in fact not done.

    6) MBP is more comparable to driving without a car seat or riding without a helmet. These should not be done and doctors routinely strongly advise against any of these.

    7) There is no problem as long as the mohel has the parent’s permission.

    Hope this helps, again please note you do not have to agree with all or even any of these points. You may in fact be right! I hope these just help clarify the mayor’s position, I’d be happy to further elaborate (if able) on any of these or other points you may have trouble with.

    September 11′ 13
    Yankel Honigkvetcher

  3. Why did this letter writer not ask someone that is semi literate to edit it and correct all the grammar mistakes?

    Somehow I get the feeling this fellow’s name is not Sean Kay, rather Shmili Kentorlevski or the like. And I think Bloomberg had a good laugh

  4. Yankel, you’re wrong!
    MBP is a Mesorah for many, many hundreds of years. Irrespective of that fact it’s none of the business of a mayor who has ZERO respect for our mitzvos. He’s the same guy who gave thousands (I think half million) to a gay group! A-humm, isn’t he the worrier/warrior to champion health causes!
    Bottom line: the man’s a low life hypocrit! Big deal he’s rich! That’s not a license to butt in where it’s not his business!

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