Analysis: Over 14M Votes Cast in Presidential Election

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To date, about 14 million people have voted in the presidential election, according to the United States Election Project.

This amount included early in-person and absentee voting and is equivalent to 10% of the 2016 voter turnout.

States including South Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin have reached 25% of the turnout from last election. And in Vermont, the turnout has hit close to 30%.

University of Florida Professor Michael McDonald, who runs the Election Project, said turnout for non-Election Day voting was probably boosted due to states offering more options because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. The Joe Biden story Twitter and Facebook don’t want you to read

    A major American newspaper published a story, apparently an entirely accurate story, about a presidential candidate. The tech monopolies that control American media feared this story might hurt that candidate, whom they favor. So three weeks before a national election, they shut the whole thing down.
    They prevented the public from reading the news. They didn’t apologize for doing this. They didn’t bother to make up reasonable-sounding justifications for it. They just did it, exactly as the Chinese government does.


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