Analysis: Prank Aside, Rechnitz Emerges as Winner

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rechnitz-shlomoThe frum world was kept captivated yesterday as broke the news of an employee of Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz who believed she had won the Powerball lottery.

National media outlets and frum blogs all picked up Matzav’s story and the attention grew.

As the day wound down, the bubble was burst somewhat, when it was revealed that the winner’s son had apparently pranked her. She wasn’t really the winner. Or so it seems.

There is still some speculation that perhaps the nurse did truly win and the prank claim is merely an attempt by the family to divert attention away from them. Who knows…

At the end of the day, though, we learned a few things. One is the power with which the media can be manipulated and, in turn, how the media manipulates the public into following a story’s every twist a turn.

More important, perhaps, is the fact that the entire story drew momentum only because of the generosity of Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, who bought some 18,000 tickets for his employees and residents of his nursing home in California. Without that crucial detail, the story would have had little traction.

Matzav was bombarded yesterday with comments, complaints, and even threats. But once all the dust settled, it seemed that the true winner was, indeed, Reb Shlomo Yehuda, who was attached to the story because of his giving nature.

So let that be the enduring lesson of this saga. Winners or not, his employees appreciated Reb Shlomo Yehuda’s magnanimous gesture and the media covering this story spread word of his generous nature and caring personality. The pages of media outlets across the nation were filled with accolades for the yarmulka-wearing businessman, who showed that a Torah Jew thinks beyond himself, beyond his daled amos, to reach out to all those in his proximity and beyond, using G-d’s gifts to bring happiness and comfort to others.

That is what we call a true Powerball winner.

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  1. It has nothing to do with his giving nature although he is a giver if any employee of a jewish owned nursing home won it would have made the same new. if rechnitz would not have bought 18,000 tickets and his nurse won on her own it would have made the same news

  2. matzav u are so disgusting for all u do is not stop flattering for rechnitz ur as bad as the schools you chnfeh him non stop your a looser not awinner

  3. 1000% correct. Once again this incredible man is Mekadesh Shem Shomayim in a way for the whole world to see how a Frum Yid acts. Rabbi Rechnitz has elevated Klal Yisroel in the eyes of all. Had he announced before this story that he was buying each employee a ticket then perhaps the naysayers could hock, but this was done privately with no fanfare and simply as a wonderful gesture from a Frum Yid to thousands of non Jewish people. The Almighty wanted the world to know this good deed so he arranged for this “story” to go viral. Hashem works in magnificent ways and as we get closer to the Geula, once again Hashem sends us all a warm message elevating us to feel proud that we have among us such a giant of a Baal Chesed who single handily makes us ALL look better. I am a prouder yid today then I was yesterday regardless of who has the winning ticket. Thank you Rabbi Rechnitz.

  4. Matzav good shtickle I always wanted to win the lottery but tonight i looked around my beautiful family and TyH I realized I already have ! Have a great Shabbos

  5. Not quite…
    You seem to begrudge the fact that he is getting a bit of attention.Ever wonder what inside your heart brings you to feel like that?
    The fact is, it brings attention to the GENEROSITY of this super geneorous man, and you have a problem accepting that.
    Reality check eric55..
    How many other owners of nursing homes, and there are many….purchased tickets for staff and residents huh?so the fact that HE DID and if she would have won, is quite different than just winning by buying on your own…something you fail to see eric because of your bias or whatnot….thats the truth..pure and simple…!

  6. “who showed that a Torah Jew thinks beyond himself”. That’s why we should never exclude Non-Yidden when we ask for a Refua Shleima.

  7. Matzav, don’t try to finagle out of this one. YOU stepped in it big time! You were trying to get as many hits as possible Don’t divert YOUR mistake by directing attention to Reb Rechntz. You imature babies . SHAME ON ALL OF YOU CHILDREN!!!

  8. whoever is complaining or criticizing on the honor hes getting is just jealous he deserves it b/c he did something great! get over it!


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