Andrew Cuomo: Trump ‘In Denial’ About Coronavirus

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday said President Donald Trump and his administration are “basically in denial” about the coronavirus pandemic and aren’t doing enough to combat it.

Confirmed cases of the virus in the U.S. are rising, and the death toll has topped 125,000, leading some states, such as Texas and Florida, to roll back some of the measures they’ve taken to reopen their economies.

“This is a continuation of the first wave, and it was a failed effort to stop the first wave in the country,” Cuomo said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “If you listen to what the president says, what they said at the White House briefing, they’re saying what they said three months ago. They’re basically in denial about the problem. They don’t want to tell the American people the truth.”

“And they don’t want to have any federal response,” he added. “I knew what they were saying: ‘You’re on your own.’ And it’s not a good feeling, but it’s sort of liberating.”

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  1. President Trump is trying to wake up the people with the truth about coronavirus. He knows quite well and keeps hinting that coronavirus is not a medical sickness, as we’ve proved. The so-called coronavirus medical issue they’re fooling the fools is attached to every sickness but is not a sickness or virus of it’s own.

    HOWEVER, the term coronavirus that Trump is hinting at are the arrested and executed elite criminals GLOBALLY. The 2.5 million American who had coronavirus were b”H arrested. 5 world leaders are working together to coronavirus the elite criminals.

  2. Since Cuomo claims that he was NOT in denial of the Covid-19.Then why did he let over 100,000 people die in nursing home ?

    • NY governor Cuomo, NJ governor Murphy, MI governor Whitmer, CA governor Newsome, MN governor Walz and PA governor Wolf are guilty of crimes against humanity. Will they be convicted or are they above the law?

  3. There is absolutely no proof that there is no coronavirus. Anything that has been quoted as proof has been completely ridiculous and made no sense. I would appreciate if you can tell me one coherent proof that there is no corona. Provide proof that corona is attached to other sicknesses. The reason you claim that is because you know there is a new sickness. But you can’t admit that there is a problem in the world because then you would have to change your lifestyle a little. So you come up with a compromise that corona exists but is attached to other illnesses. Sorry sir, I had corona with no other illness. Did you have corona? Take a deep breath, relax, maybe you need to rest a little, and then write some proof.
    To say that Trump denies the existence of corona is absurd. To say that he is talking about executed criminals is so absolutely ridiculous that it brings me to question the state of your mind. So just relax please.

    • First provide proof what coronavirus is then we’ll discuss if it exists or not? What is it exactly that you had? Fever? The first time in your life? Sore throat? The first time in your life? Runny nose? The first time in your life? Currently, not one doctor is able to explain what coronavirus is and neither can any person who claims they “had” coronavirus.

      There is a story told of Rabbi Yonason Eibeshutz, the chief rabbi of Prague 250 years ago and an extremely intelligent man who was famous for his debates with priests. The story goes that a priest once asked him, “Doesn’t it say in your Torah, ‘Acharei rabim l’hatos’ (Follow the majority)? And since we are the majority, why don’t you exchange your faith for ours?”

      But while the Rabbi and the priest were still walking in the street, the Rabbi stopped and stared at the sky in wonder. The priest asked him, “What are you looking for up there?” The Rabbi answered, “I see a partial solar eclipse right now!” The priest was embarrassed to admit that he didn’t see anything of the sort, so he made it seem like he, too, saw something in the sky.

      So now, passersby who saw the Rabbi and the priest standing in the street and looking up at the sky stopped to ask, “What are they looking at?” So the priest told them, “There’s a solar eclipse happening right now!” And so, all the people, one by one, started looking and convincing themselves that they, too, saw something different about the sun today.

      After a huge crowd had built up, all looking up and pointing at the sky, with each person saying to the next, “Look over there! You’ll see it!”, at that point, the Rabbi turned to the priest and said, “The truth is that I didn’t see anything.” The priest replied, “I also didn’t see anything, but I was embarrassed to admit the truth.”

      So the Rabbi said to him, “You see this huge crowd standing here acting as if it sees something that we both know is false? This is not the majority the Torah intended when it said, ‘Achrei rabim l’hatos (follow the majority).’”

      • Coronavirus is a virus that leads to respiratory failures, hence the need for many to go onto ventilators. Which part of that dont you understand

    • Anonymous 2:09 Not all comments are for everyone. Many posts are only for those who are awake. You do not fall into this category, so don’t even bother reading it. You should to stick with fake news.

  4. “To say that he is talking about executed criminals is so absolutely ridiculous that it brings me to question the state of your mind.” Do you believe hundreds of thousands died from coronavirus? How many thousands do you personally know? If you’re so smart, aren’t you wondering why you don’t hear any coronavirus updates from hospitals, from doctors, from medical professors and you only hear it from politicians?

  5. I have heard updates from many doctors. Where have you been? You make up ridiculous ideas and then claim you know it all. Where do you get your ideas from?
    The truth stares at you in the face. Just open your eyes and brain. Find one normal person who agrees with your “theory”.

  6. Why do you demand proof that there is coronavirus. R’ Yonasan Eibeshutz was fighting sheker. It was obvious that it was sheker. The onus is on you to provide real proof that the rabbim is wrong. Look up the Shulchan Aruch about the halacha when there is a machlokes between doctors. You take the liberty to go against the shulchan aruch and blame it cite R’ Yonasan. Is there any end to your chutzpa? The gedolim, including Rav Chaim Kanievsky, say there is coronavirus. But you are smarter than him. He was probably fooled by politicians. A chutzpa and a Haza. How low will you stoop just so you shouldn’t chas vesholom have to inconvenience yourself? According to you anyone can decide anything and claim that it doesn’t make a difference cuz R’ Yonasan says that when I think something is wrong the rabbim doesn’t count. You are not R’ Yonasan, you are not R’ Chaim. You are a bitter person who couldn’t care less about anyone rather than yourself. You deny the suffering of your fellow Jews. It is a good thing you are Jewish or you would deny the existence of Hashem r”l so you could be free to do whatever it was. Then you would demand proof that you are wrong. Enough is enough. Have rachmanus on yourself and wake up to the real TRUTH. (There is such a thing as not understanding everything. Even Shlomo Hamelech the chacham mikol adam couldn’t understand Parah Aduma. Wisdom is realizing that there are things in the world you cannot understand even though they exist. Maybe you are even smarter than Shlomo Hamelech?


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