Announcing The Formation Of “The  שמעתתא אליבא דהלכתא Program”

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Earn a $100 reward! Limited slots available! Be from the select few who really get a deep understanding of the halachos!

The goal is to complete מסכת סוכה and to know all the הלכות סוכה ולולב with their basis in the גמרא.The limud is from the – מסכת סוכה ספר הלכתא ברורה. The Halachos of סוכה ולולב from the משנה ברורה are arranged alongside the גמרא in an easy to use format. (For more information about the sefer, click here).

  • Feel accomplished upon completing an entire מסכת with the הלכה למעשה.
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the הלכה by learning them from their source in the גמרא.
  • Understand the גמרא and the הלכה better when learning them together, as the חזון איש זצ”ל said: The greatest מפורש of the גמרא, is the שלחן ערוך.
  • Reach the highest level of לימוד התורה, which the גמרא says is שמעתתא אליבא דהלכתא.

Enrolling in the program consists of buying the ספר הלכתא ברורה at the wholesale price of $10, which entitles the enrollee to:

  • Free shipping of the sefer (in the USA)
  • the Chazarah MP3 audio recordings of מסכת סוכה (avail on CD or download)
  • the Chazarah MP3 audio recordings of משנה ברורה הלכות לולב וסוכה (avail on CD or download)

Upon completion of each of the 5 פרקים of מסכת סוכה with the הלכות as they are arranged in the sefer, the participant will receive a $20 reward, for a total of $100, redeemable as a credit towards any purchase at .

This program is being offered in Eretz Yisroel as well. Please contact for details.

For more information about the program, email or call 718.646.1243 or click here.


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