Another Child Burned By St. Moritz Product in Pre-Pesach Cleaning Frenzy

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ovenAnother child has been seriously hurt by a St. Moritz product, this time in Lakewood, NJ, has learned. The three-year-old came in contact with the St. Moritz oven spray and was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune by Hatzolah. The child was injured in the face, narrowing avoiding damage to his eye.

Earlier this month, a child in the Satmar village of Kiryas Yoel was hurt by a St. Moritz Spray. Stores in Monroe, New York, Lakewood and elsewhere began removing St. Moritz products from their shelves for safety reasons.

The St. Moritz products are popular among housewives before Pesach because they are powerful cleansers and are also under hashgacha certification. In recent years, however, there has been growing concern over an increasing number of incidents of children being hurt and burned by many of these products.

With Pesach cleaning in full gear these days, the public is asked to raise awareness to the great danger of some oven cleaners, like St. Moritz. People use and store them like they would store safe household cleaners, such as Easy Off, but greater vigilance is needed, as these oven cleaners can cause severe burns on contact.

One hospital burn unit told a reporter that they treat severe burns each year Pesach time due to these cleansers and “can’t understand how people use them.”

If you must use them, store them in an area away from children, make sure the bottles are secularly closed, and use them safely only when children are not around. Take utmost precautions.

May we all be zoche to a happy and healthy chag kosher vesomeiach.

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  2. “Safe” cleaners like Easy-Off???

    Must be a typo; the stuff is extremely dangerous and its use should be severely limited and it should be stored the same as the St. Moritz stuff.

    Better, both should be avoided; too dangerous to use especially in a house with children.

  3. Since we’re a wise people, our stores and houses should be free of caustic oven cleaners as hazardous as St. Moritz. New horror stories come out this time very year; as a group, let’s finally learn the lesson!

    This “if we must use them” is not a proper out. There are safe ways to do houaehold cleaning and this is not one.

  4. make sure the bottles are secularly closed

    You are telling a frummah balabusta to close things “secularly”?

    Chodesh Adar was last month

  5. It was taken off the shelves in Israel years ago. Now they use Astonish which is also excellent and supposedly alot safer.

  6. Is that so? Here in Ramat Beit Shemesh you can find it in all the stores (and you can get it at a good sale price too!)


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