ANOTHER DEBACLE: Spirit Deplanes Flight After 2-Year-Old Jewish Child Won’t Wear Mask (Videos)

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Passengers on a flight heading from Orlando, Florida to the tri-state today were thrown off the plane after a two-year-old Jewish child who was eating a yogurt wasn’t wearing a mask.

This incident is the latest debacle on a Spirit Airlines flight.

The 11 a.m. flight was full of frum people returning from Orlando after having spent the Yom Tov of Pesach there.

The child’s mother, seated on the left side of the plane next to her husband, with her child on her lap, explained to the flight staff that her child is only two years old and would not wear a mask, not to mention that the child was eating at the time.

The family resides in Toms River, NJ. The flight is headed to Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

The staff member who confronted the couple was obnoxious and would not relent, ultimately forcing everyone on the flight off the plane.

The staff members ignored the fact that the mother is expecting and that the couple has a 6-year-old special needs child. They also ignored the fact that everyone around them attested to the fact that the couple had been wearing their masks the entire time.

As the couple tried to explain that the child, Rikki, is merely a month after her second birthday, the child continued eating a Mehadrin yogurt and the rude staff member kept repeating that they’d have to leave the plane.

They then tried to get the child to wear various masks of different colors, but the child refused.

“What the h— am I supposed to do with her?” asks the mother, exasperated. “Anyone else wanna try putting a mask on my kid and see if it stays on? You’re more than welcome to.”

The entire incident was captured on video.

Update: The flight has been permitted to reboard the flight. The fight attendant who created the tumult has been removed from the plane.

Update: The flight has finally taken off at 1:49 p.m. and is scheduled to land at Atlantic City International Airport at 3:52 p.m.




  1. Spirits website says children under 2, need not wear masks. Although I feel for these people, she keeps repeatedly saying the rule is that if the child is under 5. This is not correct. Know the rules before you board. I have no comment on anything else

    • Hey idiot. So why was the stewardess the only one NOT allowed back on that flight??? The parents did nothing wrong. It’s dangerous woke Daren sheeple like you who are destroying our once great country. It’s obedient jews like you who would be the first in line to enter the cattle cars. Government said so, so we must comply. Showers will be given upon arrival. What’s that smoke I see rising ahead?

      • I’m hesitant to call people ad hominem names like “Idiot”, so I won’t call you insane. But your post is certainly insane.

  2. Let’s call this what it is finally, and I’m sick and tired of hearing from people about how we are in galus. This is racism with a capital r perpetrated by one who has a little bit of power in him so he went on a power trip.

    In a real world, the same way a passenger would be arrested and charged with interfering with a flight, this steward should be arrested and charged for interfering with a flight. He needs to be held accountable.

    In addition there seems to be a major problem with Spirit Airlines. If they want to keep starting up, they will be exactly that spirit, as in gone from the scene.

  3. I’m sure this issue happens on other airlines. With that being said Spirit is the worst airline I have ever flown with. Stay away from them

  4. I’m sure this issue happens on other airlines. With that being said Spirit is the worst airline I have ever flown with. Stay away from them. I flew once had a bad experience, I wouldn’t fly with them for free

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  6. But we Jews will not cease to patronize Spirit Airlines. If they got the message that we were mistreated time and again by their staff and their policies, maybe they’ll get the message!

  7. The most distressing thing is that it is the other Yid who keeps telling the helpless family to either put the mask on the chior simply get off the plane, while the non-Jewish passengers are being completely supportive.

    • 3:52, I would not classify the traitor as a Yid, he’s a goyishe-approval seeker. It is necessary to constantly proclaim that Kidush H has nothing to do with a PR campaign; the definition is pure and simple: increase of Kovod Shamaim in the world. Displaying a sheep-like compliance has nothing to do with Kovod Shamaim.

  8. And a plane full of fools determined to save a few dollars and fly with that despicable airline. Anyone spending pesach in Orlando is spending many thousands on their vacation, stop penny pinching and fly with a normal airline

    • 4:06, can you comprehend that sometimes people pick a certain airline because of scheduling or ticket availability rather than price?!

    • Somehow I doubt that African Americans and other “people of color” serving as flight attendants are Nazis. The FA in question may indeed be an antisemite, but we don’t have the facts yet. Too many people, Jewish and otherwise, throw that term “Nazi” around with blatant disregard for facts, logic, and historical perspective. To do that cheapens the memory and lessons of the Shoah. Yom HaShoah is upon us. Stop the hyperbole.

      • Dear gazlan 9:52, if you knew history and didn’t have a general tendency to keep your head in the sand, you would have known that there were and still are nazi-sympathizers and hitler-admirers amongst those who you referred to as “people of color”. For example: louis farrakhan is a hitler lover, yet he has never been censured by the mainstream black community whom he purports to represent; ww2 nazis were big admirers of islam, formed muslim ss divisions, hitler was a personal friend of the arab Jerusalem mufti. You embarrass yourself when you express ignorant opinions.

  9. Her´ Biden has spoken. Spirit is “only following orders”.
    Only total losers in life ever fly Spirit or Frontier. You can’t even take a carry-on.

  10. The facts of the case are not all known yet. That said, travel within the USA is a right, but that’s under your own power. Passage on a commercial carrier is a privilege, not a right, and subject to terms of contract, laws, and company policy. Obey the rules in a meticulous manner, be not just polite but sweet to people who can make your trip miserable. Disregard them and the rules at your own risk. If you pay the cheapest fares on the cheapest airlines, be aware of the trade offs in treatment of customers. I’ve never had a customer service problem with an airline in 50 years of air travel. But I’ve never flown on cut-rate cattle cars like Spirit.

    • Dear 9:48 miserable old hag, you are completely wrong: a business open to the public is not allowed to violate our constitutional rights. Just as a store open to the public can’t deny admission to black people (for example: not because of any ill feelings but strictly because statistically a black male is 20 times more likely to commit a violent crime as a white male, and you like your store safe) – your feeble-minded “privilege” argument won’t save you from being prosecuted and bankrupted by the full might of the government machine for your infringement on the constitutional rights of the black people; in the same way airlines open to the public are not allowed to deny us(be it Jews, be it people who like to breathe unobstructed, or any other person whom the socialist-fascists deem okay to hate) our constitutional rights – no matter how many pseudo science reasons they may or may not have. If a business does not wish to serve some segments of the public, they are always welcome to shut down and sail into a sunset. Got it, you dumb antisemite?!

  11. I’m not understanding… There’s one thing I see and thats it. A little kid eating; age doesn’t matter and mask doesn’t matter. Nowhere is there a mandate for a mask to be worn when eating. Pure hate by this stewardess.

  12. Dear cohen m, laconism is an art of concise speech. In your case, dumb one word statements are not a laconism, but a sign of your pathetic inability to argue your point.

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