Another Week of Anti-Chareidi Proposals And Propaganda

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yair-lapidOn Monday, the Knesset fought until after midnight to approve the first reading of the state budget for 2013/2014. Its 83 articles provide a knockout blow for Israel’s poor and chareidi public.

The vote was preceded by a violent debate during which Lapid demonized the chareidi public and chareidi politicians responded in kind. During Lapid’s speech, the Knesset plenum was half empty; UTJ politicians made a point of being absent and only two Yisroel Beiteinu MKs remained in the plenum to listen to him.

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  1. given the opportunity, more chareidim would opt to work but THEY ARE NOT BEING GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY! As long as all job training and apprenticeship is predicated on army service nothing will change. The chareidim will dig in deeper. Cutting the budget is NOT in order to get the people to work; it is the first step towards an attempt to secularize (chas v’shalom) the chareidem

  2. LOL about yanks! But this is really a serious issue.
    Although I am definitely not pro yesh atid, I think we should be careful how we catergorize them and their actions. Did Lapid “Demonize” chareidim, or did he just say his view in a forceful manner?

  3. good point yidineh. If they wanted wanted chareidem to service all they have to do is make it more attractive for them i.e. frum working conditions higher income potential etc. and more people would join. Same for jobs. If there were more suitable options people would do it. But that isn’t their goal. They hat Torah and want to get rid of it Chas v’shalom

  4. Just remember they hate all frum Jews. Around 9 to 10 years ago it was the settlers they went after, and now it’s the chareidim.


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