Anthony Fauci, CDC Slam Airlines’ Plans For Full Flights Amid COVID-19

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The nation’s top infectious disease experts on Tuesday slammed airlines planning full flights as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country.

Several US airlines have stated they’re limiting capacity on planes to between 60 and 67 percent.

But, United Airlines has not promised to leave seats empty, and American announced last week that it will drop such measures and begin filling its flights to the brim beginning Wednesday as companies try to increase revenue.

“Obviously that is something that is of concern. I’m not sure what went into that decision making,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a Senate panel.

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  1. Obviously the airlines also do not buy into the covid hoax when its so-called symptoms are exactly the same as other illness. A NEW VIRUS THAT HAS NO NEW SICKNESS and just attaches itself to other sicknesses with a new name IS FAKE!!!!!

    • Only fools like 8:32 can be fooled

      When was the last time a virus went around with so many people complaining about shortness of breath?

  2. What could possibly be a concern about airlines selling tickets on flights with, at most 2/3 capacity (all middle seats empty), where all passengers must wear masks, and whose aircraft are fully sanitized between each flight?

    Oh, it may help continue to grow the economy (which is heading towards the best quarter since ’98, and help a Trump – Pence race in November? Nah! Ya think?

  3. Fauci is gearing up to be nominated for President at the Democrat convention. Biden is being yanked out of there before he hurts himself.

  4. Stop being ridiculous. Corona exists. It is proven. It may be true that masks protect on planes. It does seem that less people are dying now. There are a number of possible explanations for that. But there was a period of a month or so when many Yidden did die from corona. Some may have died from underlying conditions or other illnesses that they also had, but many died from corona itself. Our Gedolim recognized that. Politicians and the media do play with numbers. But that is not proof of the nonexistence of corona. I personally have reservations on flights and plan on flying with my entire family to a chasuna this summer, (with a mask of course) since as of now that is deemed safe. But don’t say ridiculous things such as saying corona is a sickness that never existed.
    I accept the criticism that although a Gadol paskened for me that my situation requires internet in the home he probably (or more likely for sure) did not mean for the purpose of writing on forums. Therefore I now say goodbye to all of my fellow Yidden whom I truly love, even though I disagree with some of you. I do not plan on continuing to post on forums. Thank you for your mussar. Hatzlacha and be well!!

  5. Fauci means “animal jaws” in Italian. This little dog can’t let go, once he had locked his jaws around the people of the United States. The truth is there is no more a pandemic, perhaps local outbreaks in the worst case, since most high-density populations either have developed or are close to developing the herd immunity at this point in time. Someone should put the little dog back on the chain.

  6. Fauci is a Democrat, a fraud and should be imprisoned.
    He’s a psychotic and liar. He wants the country shut down.


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