Anti-God Billboards With the Sheim Havaya to Go Up in Jewish Brooklyn Neighborhoods

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athiests-anti-godAn atheist group is putting up signs that say God is “a myth” — and they’re making sure that Jews and Muslims will see them.

American Atheists announced on their website that two signs, one in Hebrew and one in Arabic, will go up in Brooklyn and Paterson, New Jersey, this Monday.

The Hebrew sign will go up near the Williamsburg Bridge, where there is a large frum community, CNN reported. The other, written in Arabic and English, will go up just a few blocks from a Paterson mosque, the Islamic Center of Passaic County.

The signs feature each faith’s word for God in large lettering next to the message “You know it’s a myth… and you have a choice.”

American Atheists says on their website that the signs aren’t intended to offend, but are meant as outreach to atheists in those communities who may “feel particularly alone.” They’re also supposed to get the word out about the “Reason Rally” the group is holding on Mar. 24 in Washington, D.C.

Mohamed Elfilali, executive director of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, was not particularly troubled by news of the billboards. “It is not the first and won’t be the last time people have said things about God or religion,” he told CNN. “I respect people’s opinion about God; obviously they are entitled to it. I don’t think God is a myth, but that doesn’t exclude people to have a different opinion.”

The billboards will be up for a month and cost less than $15,000 each, American Atheists president Dave Silverman told CNN.

The group plans to put up similar signs in California and New York’s Chinatown, reported.

This isn’t the first time American Atheists have put up anti-religion billboards in the New York area. In Nov. 2010, the group sponsored a billboard near the Lincoln Tunnel, with the words “You KNOW it’s a myth.”

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  1. Not to worry about the kavod of the “shem Havaya”. This has less significance than a sefer torah she’kasvo min, which is supposed to be burned.

  2. However, I (and all other Torah observant Jews) have a much more powerful message than they do. Wherever I walk I am a loud declaration about Hashem. They know that and are trying to do more Amaleiky stuff in Adar to counter our message. Not to worry, we will obliterate them on Purim.

    That’s the Gemara about Parshas Zachar being before Purim – to have the rememberence of Asmalaik precede the “action” of destroying Amalaik!

  3. We have freedom of speech. They can put up their billboards and we can put up billboards too. If it’s really so cheap it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. if its not again’st religion why do they have to pose signs on billboards and near the mosque’s??? there just a bunch of “etc”.

  5. I wish all the atheists would feel alone. That would be a good sign, but unfortunately they are in good company.
    I heard a story a few years ago about rabbonim putting up billboards to counter atheist billboards. I wonder if they will do the same this time or just ignore it.
    I heard a kiruv rov tell someone who claimed to be on vacation from G-d, “G-d didn’t take a vacation from you. He made sure you got up this morning, gave you food… If you don’t want Him to forget you, don’t forget him!”

  6. i will leave it to the poskim as to the kedusha of a shem written by a min, but didn’t their research
    show that a sign in williamsburg should be in yiddish and not hebrew

  7. theNebach, Daven silverman, obviously a Jew, who else would be the president if not a Jew? Rabbi Frand says that in Russia, the head of the communists were all Jews, Jews always manage to make it to the top, for better or for worse, Hashem yatzilenu.

  8. On which building or billboard will it go up? Is it owned by a Frum Jew? We’ll wait & see. Things happen! You never know!

  9. Why are you quoting this kfira? It’s bad enough I’m gonna see it on the street, why do I have to see it on a “frum” website??? And if someone with a shaky emuna is gonna be influenced? Where is the achrayus??

  10. It is a terrible disgrace but where does it say that a goy can’t right hashems name. Besides , its a fact that many churches have it written out in their cloisters and I don’t see anyone screaming about that.

  11. Atheism is like driving down a road and finding you are in a dead end street. The path of faith in a higher force than yourself is full of adventure, wonder and awe.

  12. America going down the drain. Judges corrupt and anti-semitic, toivah and public immorality approved, now atheism allowed. How long will it take for murder to be accept as the norm? You start bein adam laMakom, end up bein adam lechaveiro, you start up with G-d, end up with lack of tolerance for human beings.

  13. So what, We are not muslims! We are not going to kill each other over this. We are acustomed to all kinds of stupidity,we han a sign in our hearts that says SHMA YISROEL HASHEM ELOKEINU HASHEM ECHOD!!! That is the billboard of truth and the only one that counts.

  14. we must now emphasize emunah more to the younger – and older – grades in yeshivos & bais yaakov’s. rabbeim & moros must study up & be prepared more for the questions children have – but don’t ask.

  15. if they were so sure about themselves, they would be rejoicing together instead of trying to hurt others’ religions and children’s. They are not getting together to rejoice their “truth”, which does mean something…..
    they are looking to hurt someone else. Does that show that they are joyful at finding their “truth”?

  16. I have always wanted to talk to one of these guys…

    Let’s assume there are two possibilities, G-d is real, or He is not.

    If He is not real and I live a life according to the Torah, I am not worse off, I have only improved myself, help my society, etc.

    If, however, He IS real and I live as if He were a myth, I am going to have a BIG surprise after I die, and I lot of explaining to do.

  17. The Asheiro Avoidah Zoras, that were in the Heichal, throughout the First Bayis Hamikdosh, was more hurtful to HKB”H then these signs. We must do Tshuvah.

  18. These athiests will one day have to beg G-D for forgiveness; but will they be forgiven? When you read something like this, you see what Amalek is about. They are in a constant milchamah with the Creator of the universe. That they have to make a big deal about their views and publicize just proves that in their inner conscience, they know there is G-D, but the ‘amalek’ in them needs to do battle with Him. This way they have to answer to no one, they think. Or are they trying to be proven wrong?

  19. #26 – that is what the philosopher Pascal said. It feels a little like just taking out insurance, not real emunah. Oh well – meishilo lishman ba lishmah.

  20. Like all actions of Atheists, they are the biggest fakers. Aren’t there more Atheists in non religious neighborhoods? If there are honest why don’t they post them there ?

  21. Only those that believe in Techias Hamasim will be resurrected. I prefer to still believe. They can do whatever they want until the time comes for their Din V’Cheshbon and then they will believe!!!

  22. How many times do these so called atheists pray when faced with a crisis? All of a sudden, many choose to scream in prayer. When all is well they choose “not to believe” as an excuse for sin. That’s why so many are immoral.

  23. One important point in our faith is that we are not missionaries. You see, the necessity of propaganda and door to door proselytizing is because you want to convince the other person about what he thinks is the truth.

    For the Jew the truth is self evident for all to see, only a foolish mind will deny the the facts evidenced every where.

    Atheism as well all false religions need a billboard to fight against the facts.
    truth has its own two feet unlike falsehood!

  24. I was driving into Brooklyn to visit my grandparents before Purim when I saw this. It’s sad to see society continue to deteriorate in America. They should put another sign up saying, “Slavery in the United States- you KNOW it’s a myth”. or “The American Revolution- you KNOW it’s a myth”. The same arguments can be made.


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