Anti-Iran Deal Unfortunately Vote Falling Apart

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iran deal protestA long-awaited congressional effort to reject the Iran nuclear agreement now appears in jeopardy, after a revolt by Republicans in the House of Representatives, Tim Mak reports for the Daily Beast.

If Congress is unable to pass a unified resolution rejecting the Iran deal, the outcome is a win for the Obama administration, which negotiated the agreement and would have to veto the measure of disapproval.

The House was set to begin procedural work on the vote of disapproval Wednesday, but conservatives with the GOP’s ranks protested that the Obama administration had not yet produced “side deals” reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mak reports for the Daily Beast.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Democrats supportive of the Iran deal appear to have the votes to block formal debate on the issue.

“The Senate appears stuck and House GOP members are fired up about the secret IAEA side deals. They don’t think Obama has complied with [a bill requiring the administration present all documents related to the Iran deal]. Given all of that, we are likely going to take a new approach,” a House leadership aide told The Daily Beast. “House leadership wanted to move forward with a vote of disapproval but leadership got feedback from many members that they believed the president did not comply with the law.”

Mak reports that the aide said that the House would now likely vote on three measures: a resolution stating the House’s sense that the president did not comply with a bill requiring transparency on the Iran agreement; a resolution of approval on the Iran deal, rather than a resolution of disapproval, to get members on the record; and an effort to forbid the president from lifting sanctions.

“The Senate situation is especially motivating for this. [Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid] apparently has the votes to prevent a debate in the Senateā€¦ so a new approach was needed,” the aide explained. In order to overcome procedural hurdles in the Senate, 60 senators must vote to advance debate, and it is in doubt whether opponents of the Iran deal have the numbers.



  1. Once again the American People are being fooled and they don’t even know it.

    Politics and staying in office is more important to US Lawmakers, both house and Senate, than killing the Iran Nuclear Deal. Why do you think that Republican Senator Bob Corker wrote that screwy piece of legislation which would lower the bar and allow Obama to pass the Iran Nuclear Deal with only one-third of the US Senate? Doesn’t make sense? Sure it does. It lets Republicans off the hook. How?
    All the Republicans can vote against it with a few Democrats but with Obama’s 41 Senators in support it will pass. When the Iranians renege on the deal or something goes terribly wrong, then the Republicans can say “We didn’t vote for it. The Democrats did and are responsible for this mess”.

    Everything is Politics and staying in power without regard to the general population who elected these Idiots.

    Republicans play games but Democrats are just plain dangerous and backstabbers. You voted for one of these shtick menivilim Democrats? Did he turn against you with a shmichel on his pisk. You’re the dummy for falling for his shekker which probably came from a paid consultant from our frim community.

  2. Jews, wake up! Don’t be fooled as your ancestors were in the 1930’s in Europe.

    Eretz Yisrael is our only hope!

    Massive aliyah NOW!

  3. To #3

    Cause making aliya straight to Israel is being guarded straight by Hashem. Sitting here in the USA there is no guarantee of survival and actually a bigger chance of not making it through this crazy Iran deal alive

    Remove yourself from this disgraceful Toaiva country of the USA before it’s too late C”V


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