Anti-Israel Activists Publish Information Of Israeli Security Officials

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Anti-Israel activists claimed that they had published the personal information of high-ranking Israeli officials on a Persian-language Telegram channel over the past month.
The group, known as Justice for Palestine, began publishing the information of a number of officials from the Mossad, IDF and Shin Bet, in mid-October, including phone numbers, addresses, ID numbers and photos.
The charter of the group stated that it is an “international popular network of freedmen, gentlemen and supporters of justice and the oppressed and homeless in the world.” The group added that it is focused on “fighting oppression and oppressors,” and would do so by identifying and revealing the identities of officials they see as oppressors.
The group also aims to bring the information they gather to human rights groups around the world to try and prosecute these officials in international courts.
Read more at JPost.


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