Anti-Israel NY Times Urges Netanyahu to ‘Stop Playing Games’


ny-timesIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu prefers to maintain his coalition over making peace with the Palestinians, the New York Times charges. “It’s time for him to stop playing games, reinstate the moratorium, get back to negotiations and engage seriously in a peace deal,” the paper said in a scathing editorial.

The PM “spent a lot of time trying to persuade President Obama and others that he was serious about making peace with the Palestinians,” the NY Times wrote. “Only a hard-liner, like him, could pull it off. If only.”

The article, titled “Politics over peace,” argues that at this time it doesn’t look like Israel’s’ prime minister is willing to make the “hard choices” needed to secure a peace agreement.

“What is evident is that he has decided that mugging for his hard-line coalition is more important than working with President Obama to craft a peace deal,” the paper says.

The NY Times also slams the Netanyahu government for planning more construction in east Jerusalem. The paper says both sides to the conflict must do more, but that “the burden is on Mr. Netanyahu to get things moving again.”

To that end, the editorial urges the prime minister to extend the settlement construction freeze, arguing that “resuming the moratorium will in no way harm Israel’s security or national interest.”

{Ynet/ Israel}



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