Anti-Semites Erect Cross in Uman to Anger Yidden

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cross-in-umanMembers of the Breslover community were astounded on Tuesday to find that a large cross had been erected at a lake in Uman, Ukraine, where thousands of Yidden visit for Rosh Hashanah.

The cross had been set up by anti-Semitic groups wishing to anger Yidden who arrive at the lake each Rosh Hashanh for Tashlich.

According to members of the Breslover community, those who put up the cross are simply jealous of the friendly relationship that exists between the Yidden and local residents and officials.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The dominant religion in Ukraine is Orthodox Christianity. If you are looking for a Jewish Country, you may want to check out Israel.

  2. Smile if you realize that this happens because Jews are Trusted by G-d. And smile when you realize that Hashem will indeed bring us all closer to redemption when he sees injustice against his Servant.

  3. Just a subtle reminder that Yidden are still in golus. No matter how comfortable you may think you are, even when you think the Ukranian Government “likes” the yidden, they like their money they bring the country and hate your guts as their ancesters did so do they and these locals are a testament to that

  4. Dear Michael in Seattle,
    I wrote comment 2 and it is not to chide you for being a jew, it is to tell you that jews are right and that when you see this sort of anti-Semitism it means it was the issue for the creepy frauds. Are you just a closed minded thinker or do you flip out every time someone questions the world.

  5. I agree with #5. Since when were xtians not allowed to be xtians? Did they rig signs that were anti-semitic? They can put up crosses, who cares?

    Why do we care about stuff like this? We’re in golus, commit that to memory.

  6. It does not bother me what religion people follow. But I don’t like the feeling of being missionized or preached to, especially on a Jewish web site.


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