Anti-Semitic, Defamatory Video: ‘Israelis Stealing Organs In Haiti’

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haiti-organs[Video below.] Even when Israel puts itself on the front lines of medical and humanitarian aid sent to the ends of the earth and wins great praise for its professionalism in doing so, there are those who prefer to transform the act into an opportunity to spread hatred and lies at the expense of those suffering in Haiti.

An American resident of Seattle, Washington uploaded a video to YouTube on Tuesday accusing soldiers in the IDF delegation to the earthquake site in Haiti of being involved in stealing organs from their patients.

The man, who calls himself T. West, fronts a group called AfriSynergy Productions, whose declared goal is to empower the black man. The video purports to present something to think about while exploiting the horrible tragedy that has befallen Haiti to recycle false claims that IDF soldiers engage in organ trafficking.

The bizarre host of the video collected praises broadcast on television channels regarding the advanced equipment and treatment the Israeli teams are providing in Haiti. After about a minute and a half of such praise, the man looks straight into the camera and made the claim that there are people operating in Haiti who do not have a conscience and are members of the search-and-rescue teams, including, he claimed, the IDF.

The man repeated the false claims that the IDF stole organs in the past from Palestinians and others. He asserted that there is very little oversight during such tragedies, and that the Haitian people must look out for their fellow citizens to protect them against international medical groups who arrived in the country “for the money.” He claimed that some people were looking to make money off the tragedy.

In a conversation with Ynet, the man explained his beliefs behind the hate-filled statements he made. “I don’t have anything against Israel. I have a lot against the ideology of Zionism,” he explained. “We saw what you did in South Africa and with the Palestinians. Because of our history and the suffering of our people, I understand what the Palestinians are going through.”

According to him, he is taking action “to promote positive change among Afro-Americans and in Africa. I am not a politician. I do a talk show and journalism and volunteer for a few non-profit organizations.”

And what of the Israeli aid currently being provided in Haiti? “It is good that the IDF and others are helping there, but everywhere there is death, there are exploiters. There needs to be transparency in Haiti.”

Regarding the recycled claims of harvesting organs in order to sell them, the man said, “This is not the official policy of the Israeli military, but a few individuals did this.” To back up his claim, the man drew upon the recent arrest of Jews in the United States on suspicions that they were involved in an organ trafficking racket.

To watch the defamatory video, click below:

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{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. Israel is to be commended for its
    humanitarian efforts.

    Israel’s critics as highlighted in the
    article above are motivated by anti-Semitism.

  2. I failed to see the reason why zaka is spending yiddeshe time and gelt for menuvalim and shkatzim (Haitians in particular; not saying all goyim). They must’ve wanted attention and PR, well they got the attention they wanted. Do chessed in a modest way and Hash-m rewards you; don’t try to show the world how good you/we are.

  3. #6, because you would want the world to come to your aid if you had a crisis.

    the biggest complaint jews have was that the world did nothing “the world remained silent” during the holocaust. it is our job to be the shining example to prevent it from ever being able to be said ever again.

    so sorry that you obviously lack basic jewish valuess of decency.

  4. Before you go around calling everything that moves anti-Semitic did you even watch the clip? Did you hear anyone say that the Israeli team is harvesting organs now, or did he saw they did so in the past? Do you know that Israel admitted harvesting organs (not from live bodies, but still without the family’s consent)? Do you know of the story of the boy who cried wolf? Do you really think going around crying anti-Semitism will gain anyone’s love? If you look you can interrupt any situation into what you want, junk ask Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton if something anything or even that the sky is blue is somehow racist they will think so. To interrupt everything as being anti- Semitic makes you as irrelevant as Jesse and Al. it is all the same mentality we have we call the cops in Israel are Nazi is it true are the cops rounding up people and shooting them or just arresting them with a little force (it goes both ways I have seen rocks being thrown at the cops). if we have the victim mentality we can never change anything, because it’s not us that needs to be changed it is all those anti- Semites, but if we realize the situation we find ourselves is not this guy on the clip fault but rather our own that is something we can change.


  6. Ya, I went there in the middle of this great earthquake to get a couple brains. Sure thing, Mr. Anti-Sametic-Good-Story-Maker-Upper!

  7. Doesn’t he realize that most individuals in 3rd world countries have blood that have major issues. Organs cannot be used from people that don’t have 100% healthy blood. Starving countries and people who have multiple wives etc. cause major health issues.

    As a matter of fact, Haiti is known in the world of organ transplants as one of the least suitable places to get organs. That is why currently, the waiting list for certain transplants is 12 years even in the United States. This is because the blood and organs of young people are diseased with the unsavory sickness. Imagine, even thinking about Haiti for a transplant? Ah Gelechter. A big joke.

  8. #11-“chocham”-your posting name is obviously and blatantly a misnomer: why in the world would you wish him a “refuah”?i would humbly suggest thinking before commenting.


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