Anti-Semitic’ Firefighter Assigned To Orthodox Jewish Community


A former FDNY commissioner’s son who once tweeted “I like Jews about as much as hitler” will join a firehouse in the middle of Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn, The Post has learned.

Joseph M. Cassano, 28, the son of ex-commissioner Salvatore Cassano, graduated from the Fire Academy on Wednesday and was sent to Engine 247 on 60th Street.

“For him to be assigned to Borough Park, where you have an incredible number of Holocaust survivors, is an insult to our community,” fumed Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “Put him somewhere else.”


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  1. Are there any Jewish firefighters? In boro Park? We must take care of our selves .as my 2nd grade rebbe said- beggars can’t be choosers

  2. So this is the son of Sal Cassano who has been a frequent guest on WABC radio’s Sunday morning show Religion on the Line with Rabbi Joe. Buddy-buddies so to speak. You can never tell from under which woodwork they will come!

  3. The Jewish Community is to blame. We had many great Askunim who really were ready to help and did help. Along came a few “Buffers ” who were looking to become bigwigs and now we have zero say in the community. Wake up and get rid of these fake Askunim which belong in Jail!!!

  4. I am a volunteer firefighter with MCFD 18 and not a single Mason County official has contacted me regarding my anti-semitic experience at the Mason County Fire Academy. Below is a list of officials I have contacted and they have never acknowledged receipt of my complaints.

    Recently, Chief Volk was conducting a lecture on the appropriate extinguishing agent for use on different classifications of fires. During this lecture, Chief Volk explained that we could easily remember the color black is used in the hexagon symbol for “K” because the “KKK, kill blacks”. The KKK is a murderous group that lynched over three thousand African Americans, injecting The Ku Klux Klan into the lexicon of firefighters is abhorrent.

    During the same topic, Chief Volk instructed the class that a simple way to remember the color of the star symbol found on the “D” class extinguishing agents is the wartime use of the yellow star of David in Nazi Germany. Some of the younger students looked to me for an explanation. I told them that during the reign of the Third Reich under Hitler, Jews were forced to brandish a yellow star. Forcing us to recall the haunting image of piles of winter coats with stars pinned to them, stacked inside concentration camps is wholly inappropriate and disgusting.

    While I can see the importance of using mnemonic devices as a teaching tool, these two racist and hateful references were not an appropriate learning tool for remembering the classifications of fire extinguishers.

    Retribution: On April 28, 2019, I contacted Amy Thorton at the Washington State Patrol, Fire Marshals Office to file a grievance as a whistleblower. By the end of the next day, I was expelled from the Fire Academy and suspended from active duty for “filing a false grievance” according to Chief Volks expulsion letter to Chief Sexton. I’m still suspended and have been investigated for contacting the WSP as a whistleblower by my Fire Chief Michael Sexton.

    No one has ever investigated my complaints. My fire commissioner Mike Murray has ordered my chain of command not to contact me about my complaints. They have all complied with this illegal and immoral order.

    Detailed Information – My Blog

    Mason County Jurnal: April 18, 2019, by Dana Kampa

    Officials I’ve contacted – None of them have replied to my complaints or the local newspaper article.

    MCFD 18 Chain of Command: Fire Captain Joe Cochran, EMS Captain Raymond Menard, Chief Michael Sexton
    MCDF 18 Fire Commissioners: Leonard Weaver, Gail Dion Cochran, Mike Murray
    Mason County Fire Marshal’s Office
    Mason County Fire Academy
    Mason County Chiefs Association: Commissioner Kelley McIntosh, Chief Beau Bakken, Chief Searles
    Mason County EMS Training Council
    Mason County Commissioner Kevin Shutty
    Mason County Fire District 6 Commissioners: Richard Heinrich, Tim Whitman, Mike Sheetz
    Washing State Patrol, Bill Slosson Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal, Amy Thorton. WSP Complaints Department


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