Anti-Semitic Halloween Costume in Rockland County Has People Up in Arms

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A trick-or-treating couple in Rockland County, New York, dressed up as a chassidishe husband and wife pulling a wagon full of children with a sign stating, “We buy houses – cash.”

Many people are up in arms, calling it anti-Semitism.

“It’s no different than if these people had dressed in blackface. It’s shameful and we are saddened and disgusted,” one person wrote on Facebook.



  1. Be mature and get a sense of humor. Jews never dress up on Purim as non-Jews? If people make everything into a big deal then real anti-Semitism, such as is being displayed in certain towns across the border, won’t be taken seriously.

  2. That’s an adorable costume and a good joke, That’s just a couple that isn’t afraid to Shtech a little, anyone would make this joke, chill out Matzav and stop crying anti-Semitism move on and have a good laugh.

  3. oh puleez, every purim I see people dressed as African Americans, Arabs, Japanese, Chinese……the list goes on and on. We can do it but they can’t?

  4. It’s not the costumes that are offensive, it’s the sign and the dolls in the wagon that are.
    Look at it this way: Imagine going around on Purim in a President Obama mask (not offensive, IMO) while pulling a wagon loaded with watermelons (extraordinarily offensive, IMO). See the difference?

  5. Folks, don’t litter, respect neighbors in a community, and be extra nice. We share this world with others

    Meanwhile, about 10 male yidden are in world media for embarrassing behavior. A shanda!

  6. We should start a group “ Jewish feelings matter” don’t be so sensitive laugh a little. Be more concerned about tomorrow’s election in Ramapo when the hatred is trying to infiltrate!

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