Anti-Semitism On Display As Jackson Residents Protest Oros Bais Yaakov Proposed Building

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oros-bais-yaakov-jackson[Video below.] Jackson, NJ – Hundreds of Jackson residents crowded the township’s Zoning Board meeting Wednesday in protest of a proposed frum Jewish high school.

Rabbi Ephraim Birnbaum – who is proposing to build the 400-student two-story Oros Bais Yaakov High School on Cross Street by Jackson’s boundary with Lakewood – is seeking a variance before the Zoning Board.

If approved, the school will be built in two phases over 7.5 acres and will include a pool and basketball courts, according to plans submitted to the Zoning Board.

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Click below for video from the meeting:

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  1. Why is this anti-semitism? I read the article. The people are concerned about the sewage (the area where the school is being proposed doesn’t have access to the municipal sewers), traffic, and finances. It seems some homes will also be demolished to make room for the school.

    In Lakewood, there is a deficit in the school budget, largely because the law requires the school district to provide busing to students in private schools. Jackson residents want to avoid the same thing happening to them. Increased school costs mean higher property taxes, which they don’t want.

    It has nothing to do with antisemitism. It’s just people who don’t want their lives impacted by a new school in the area.

  2. I’m not listening to the whole thing so I have no idea how ugly it got, but there are some interesting points.

    I live in Metro Detroit and a local city put the kabash on a Walmart, on a lot that looked quite suited for the purpose because of what it would do to traffic.

    In another suburb, a charter school (not Jewish) started using the parking lot of a local institution for its buses and the residents were quite upset about the change in their views and other concerns.

  3. I don’t get it.

    What did the guy mean when he said “I’ll remember that when I file my tax return” and what is anti-semitic about their not wanting to give a tax concession for a property usage that essentially excludes the daughters of the very taxpayers who are being asked to make this concession?

  4. A school on my block would definitely be a huge inconvenience for me. If a Yiddishe school opened on my block I would take into account that I’m putting up with this inconvenience for the greater good.

    How does a non-Jew come to terms with that?

    Calling it anti-Semitism does a lot of damage to us. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

  5. Perhaps the article is not clear. Having legitimate concerns about a building proposal is not anti-Semitic. Nobody is saying it is. What is anti-Semitic is opposing only because it is a Jewish school – which may very likely be the case for a portion of the people who are opposing this plan. Further, many of the comments on the app web site are very nasty, highly offensive and anti-Semitic.

  6. The application was not complete! No traffic study. The school will be detrimental to the local well which provides drinking water to the neighborhood. the town would be losing a significant amount of tax revenue, to be made up by the other citizens in town. Why would anyone feel it is beneficial to the community? Antisemitism? i don’t see it.

  7. It seems to me that the fellow’s point was: How does educating Lakewood’s citizens (public or private) benefit the town of Jackson (next door). Taxpayers in Jackson don’t want their taxes funding schools that are established for a different “community” – the community being Lakewood. The fellow standing with the handheld mic answered properly that community is an expansive term that potentially includes all the citizens in NJ (een potentially the US).

    What stuck me was that the fellow at the table seeed utterly bewildered and unprepared to answer a simple question with a relatively simple answer.

    As for the crowd’s reaction to the “tax return” comment, it could be that underlying all this is anti-Semitism, or at the very least a Not-In-My-BackYard menatlity. Nonetheless the taxpayers are rightfully concerned – given Lakewood Township’s financial woes – about their municipality’s fiscal health.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with the questions he was asking. It seems the people representing the school were ill prepared for such a question. This is America (in galus) and there are rules and regulations which have to be followed. If it were the other way around (Goyishe school in a frumm neighborhood) there would be hell to pay.

  9. It all depends on if the school will be paying taxes. If the school is exempt then someone has to foot the bill for all public utilities that the school will benefit from . I don`t think that if a mosque was going to be put up on Forest Ave that the same questions & comments would not be said.

  10. When a yeshiva built on our block in MONSEY there were endless protests. It’s not anti-semitism. In a democracy, the people speak up for the greatest good for the most people.

  11. the anti-semitism is not in opposing the school, but in the blantantly anti-Semitic attitudes of some of the local residents which surfaced to a minute degree at the meeting (as in the tax comment), but significantly and vehemently in online commenting.

    Reading some comments (and I know I shouldn’t have) I was shocked and hurt at the level of disgust leveled at me by my own neighbors in Jackson. (I say me because the entire frum community was attacked, not just those innocently looking for a school building, and while some gripes were unfortunately true and should serve as a wakeup to the frum community, most were ridiculous lies)

  12. I’m very hard presses not to agree with the Jackson residents point of view.While a few may be motivated by antisemitism for the most part they have a very valid point

  13. Your statement claiming-

    “In Lakewood, there is a deficit in the school budget, largely because the law requires the school district to provide busing to students in private schools”.

    Is neither Modern or Orthodox. It’s Factually Incorrect [and counter intuitive].
    Busing is a mere fraction of what it costs municipalities for Schooling !

    Compared to Jackson & Howell that need to provided Public Schooling AND transportation, Lakewood Gets off Pretty Easy.

    I suggest that you stop drinking the Coolaid.

  14. imagine if all lakewood residents would send to public school- they’re all paying taxes (very high). There is obviously a lot of mismanagement of the budget.

  15. Print
    The Associated Press By The Associated Press
    on October 01, 2013 at 7:34 AM, updated October 01, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    LAKEWOOD — Lakewood’s school district is facing a $4 million shortfall, fueled mainly by transportation and special education costs associated with private school children.

    Board President Carl Fink tells the Asbury Park Press the district is broke and will seek help from the state and Ocean County.

    Lakewood is providing transportation to more than 30,000 students who attend 103 different schools. The district offered bus services to about 19,000 private school children last year.

    That compares to about 5,500 public school children in six schools.

    Transportation services coordinator Gus Kakavas says the district could save $2.5 million if private girls’ schools would dismiss at the same time and boys’ schools dismiss at another. But the school owners won’t change dismissal times.

  16. typical matzav dramatization and fera mongering anti Semitism has nothing to do with it… matzav you are and always have been !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Speak to my grandparents, who I never met because they were murdered by the Nazis. They’ll explain to you what Anti-semitisim is.

  18. It is racism if its unusually strong bias to a particular biological, cultural, or cultic community whose presence is still sanctioned by law. The group calls itself Jewish (obviously) which makes it “antisemitism”. Recall that AH y”s at first raged specifically against this group, when it encountered them in Vienna. It didn’t object to particulars like kashrus or shabbos, our two major oysiyos, but to their cultural hideousness and innate hatred of the majority “community”.
    The haimyaks are reeling from what happened to Lakewood, and want to prevent this from beginning in Jackson. The Yidn won’t bend re their lifestyle and values, nor will the Akum. Pure and simple.
    If Roma or Wahhabi Muslims wished to built a facility of the same scope in Jackson, there would be an identical protest. Probably the same would occur in reversed circumstances in Borough Park.
    It’s history, it’s racism, it’s antisemitism, it’s xenophobia that’s ubiquitous throughout the gashmiut, and it’s really “in our face” right now (check out Poland and the EU! or even E”I). The haykhal we’re promised is considerably distant from any of these localities.

  19. Antisemitism…good try. I guess the applicant has already realized the application has such a poor case that it’s time to move onto these false claims.

  20. Jackson Township has NO problem raising taxes year after year. The problem that the TAX PAYERS OF JACKSON have, is that they bare the brunt of the mismanaged and crooked board members that under the table, undoubtably will gain form REZONING. There are thousands of acres throughout Jackson that have many an empty road. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jackson Memorial doesn’t even have AIR CONDITIONING!!! Now, the township is REZONING, the taxpayers are paying for it- FOR SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED-or WELCOME TO USE. Where else in this world can rules be changed and others pay for something that they can not use?


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