Anti-Vaxxer Regrets Not Vaccinating Child After He Nearly Dies: ‘I Played Russian Roulette With My Son’s Health’


Justin Chan reports for In The Know: A self-proclaimed “anti-vaxxer” from New Zealand revealed on-air that she nearly cost her son his life after she chose not to vaccinate him.

In an interview with radio station The Hits, Ally Edward-Lasenby, who had vaccinated one of her children but decided not to vaccinate her son Cameron, said that she chose not to because she had seen research that linked vaccinations with autism.

“I made what I thought was an informed decision at the time, and I chose not to immunize Cameron,” she explained.

When pressed by the radio hosts on what specific study convinced her to do so, Edward-Lasenby did not cite one but expressed her regret at not doing her due diligence in investigating the supposed connection more.

“My biggest mistake … that I’ve been sharing since has been that if you make a decision based on the information that you hear at the time, it’s really important to revisit that,” she said. “I didn’t do that, and consequently, my son contracted the measles virus … It was not a very pleasant experience at all.”

Edward-Lasenby said she initially noticed that Cameron exhibited flu-like symptoms and took him to a doctor, who reportedly diagnosed the child with the flu. Three days later, however, her son’s condition deteriorated — he became lethargic and was suffering from both a rash and conjunctivitis.

“[The doctors] took one look at him and said, ‘You can get him to the hospital first or we can get an ambulance here,'” she recalled.

Edward-Lasenby said she drove “like a madwoman” to get her son to the hospital, where the staff there isolated him and a doctor confirmed that he had the measles.

“Initially, he had white spots on his mouth,” she said. “He had conjunctivitis. He was really unwell. He continued to deteriorate, and a rash came all over his body. Then they were talking about brain damage — potential brain damage — and the potential loss of life too because it was quite serious.”

Though Cameron was eventually treated, he came down with pneumonia, his mother said.

“We found that his immune system was compromised for 12 months afterwards,” Edward-Lasenby said. “He was in and out of school on a regular basis.”

When asked whether vaccinations were important, the mother stopped short of encouraging everyone to immunize their children but admitted that she had learned her lesson.

“I played Russian roulette with my son’s health, which I’m not proud of,” she said. “He understand that I made the best decision at the time.”

The measles is a highly contagious virus that can lead to serious health complications for children, especially those under the age of 5, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Between one and three out of 1,000 people with measles die every year, the agency further notes. Common symptoms of the virus include fever, coughing, red eyes and a rash.

Although vaccinations can be used to prevent the measles, a number of parents have expressed concerns over the possible link between vaccines and the development of autism. Studies, nevertheless, have repeatedly proven that there is no connection.


  1. Her child would NOT HAVE NEARLY DIED had he contracted measles naturally at a young age. It’s only when they get older as adults or even older and contract the measles then that it gets dangerous. Which is why children should be exposed to real measles (not the vaccine induced measles) as young kids and get over it when they’re young and they will never ever get the measles again and they will not die. Besides, their immune system will strengthen when they get the actual measles, while the vaccination would kill the immune system.

    • What is “had he contracted measles naturally at a young age” supposed to mean? How “young” is “young”? Do you even know the age of the child in question? On other web sites the age of this child in question was given as 13 years old. It is easy enough to find on the web that historically before the vaccine was available the “natural” age of “naturally”contacting measles at a “young” age was up to 15 years old.

      • Even if 15 would be considered a “young” age for getting Measles, that this boy in New Zeland got it at age 13 was still getting it a bit “late” in time — i.e. on the “later” side of the 5 – 15 scale. So it is still quite understandable that upon getting at this bit of a later time, he got it extremely bad.

  2. When asked whether vaccinations were important, the mother stopped short of encouraging everyone to immunize their children but admitted that she had learned her lesson.

    You can’t fix stupid!!!!

  3. Nay will the anti-vaxxers say. This woman was surely employed by Big Pharma to make such statements. Impossible, lies, deceit, all because these websites that I Google show and prove that vaccines are poison. Anyone who says differently apparently does not know.
    Who cares if they have diplomas and doctorate degrees, who cares if they are Rabbanim and wise people, I went to some wako seminar that proved the whole world is being captive by some secret organization.
    I know better, come join my measles party and all will be ok. It’s the vaccines that are to blame, they cause the measles, right? Just ask my brother’s neighbor who who heard it directly from his cousin who knows someone that saw it somewhere.

  4. You didn’t play Russian Roulette: you were עובר the איסור דאורייתא of לא תעביר למולך. You played Russian Roulette with my child. You should be jailed for child abuse.

    • Actually, that posuk is for sure not talking about vaccines! Anti-vax is more up the ally of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s level of total Bitachon in Hashem with no Hishtadlus necessary!

    • On the contrary, the people who are “dutifully” vaccinating their children — who are “dutifully” inducting their children into the religion of the holy god of holy, holy, holy Modern Medicine — they most probably do not realize it, but they are doing the ACTION of the Modern-Day version of the ancient evil cult of people “dutifully” giving over their children through the pillars of fire to the Molech god.

    • And you people, who sharply demand everyone to totally comply with the holy laws of holy, holy, holy vaccinating — who sharply demand everyone to toally comply with the holy laws of the holy priests of the holy god of holy, holy, holy Modern Medicine — are certainly the Modern-Day assistants of the Modern-Day priests of the Modern-Day Molech cult.

  5. Fake news nonsense. This is a very lame attempt at changing the minds of those who already did their research on the dangers of vaccines. Very immature.

  6. There were about 1000 people in Albany yesterday protesting the Board of Regents and the exclusion of unvaccinated children from school. Nearly everyone who was there had at least one vaccine injured child. Autism is not the issue but rather Vaccine Spectrum Disorder which includes Autism, Auto Immune Disease,Neuro Psychiatric Disorders, Cancer and a whole host of health issues being caused by Vaccines. Any benefit of Vaccines are outweighed by the significant risks which are not only not rare but exceedingly common. Ask the summer camps what happens around 6:00 PM in the evening when half the kids have to show up to the camp nurse to get their daily medications. Does anyone honestly think it is normal to have so many children on permanent medication protocols? Wake up people you have been lied to by the industry by the government and by Orthodox Jewish doctors in our own community.

  7. Silly Article…..

    again – its not all about autism there are other reactions from vaccines that have nothing to do with autism

    my child actually got the measles within 9 days of the vaccine – so vaccines do not agree with all people

    perhaps I regret giving the vaccine!!!!!

    yes the cdc says this can happen I know but this does not make it 100%safe.

  8. ממרחק תביא לחמה
    What a non-story!
    Things must be going really bad for the pro-poison nuts, if they need to bring a story about a fully recovered child from…
    Why, just yesterday, there were thousands of families with children who have permanent vaccine injuries protesting in CA and about 1000 more right here in NY.
    And all you can dig up is how one person in New Zealand took the measles hard, over a year ago?

  9. Why won’t any of these articles tell us the death count from the dreaded disease called measles? Why are they covering it up? As painful as it is, why can’t they tell us HOW MANY CHILDREN DIED FROM CONTRACTING MEASLES???! How many Frum children died already? Were there big turnouts by the livaya’s? Nebach, which bais hakvaros did they use?

  10. 197 people die EVERY DAY in the US from drug overdose.

    There were over 1,000 Measles cases in the US this year alone. There hasn’t been a measles-related death in the US over since 2015!

    Clearly, we have better things to worry about…

  11. To Whistleblower:

    I wonder if ‘Rashbi’ would condone skydiving without a parachute??
    And; what would ‘Rashbi’ counter to “Chazal’s” admonition of:”Ein Somchim Al Nissim”??
    Or, the more basic dictum: “Don’t be a Chosid Shote??

    • Exactly. Jumping in front of a moving car will probably result in death. Skydiving without parachute = definite death. But as a commentor above mentioned, there has NOT been any death associated with contracting the measles. You get measles. You wait a few days/weeks, it heals and you’re good to go. You can’t get it again. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but please don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

  12. Several commentators reported here that of the thousand people who protested in Albany, “Nearly everyone who was there had at least one vaccine injured child.”

    Nebech for the disabled children and their parents, but what evidence do you have that their disabilities were caused by vaccines? Anything other than parental anecdotes? 1,000 cases, you say?
    I can understand why desperate parents with sick children would BELIEVE such a thing, but if they have medical records to show this causal relationship, 1,000 children (and we’re only counting the ones who showed up at the rally) damaged by vaccines in NY alone would be the biggest medical story of the year.

    Please tell us how you know this to be true and what data you have that backs it up!!
    And send your research to the NY Times, so they could do a bombshell report and win a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

    Here’s one parental anecdote, taken from a news story (And you say this is just one of a thousand) “Marsh said his eldest son had a negative reaction to vaccines as an infant and later developed autoimmune issues, prompting the couple to seek exemptions for their younger two children.”

    OK, so parent saw a “negative reaction” and the child later developed autoimmune issues. ANd how do they know that the “negative reaction” (measles, perhaps) shows that the vaccine was responsible? WHich ingredient — and how do they know? The aluminum, which, contrary to anti-Vaxxer claims, is no longer used in the obligatory vaccines?

    • Yes, there are numerous instances where, when the child received the immunization he seemed perfectly fine, and he walked out of his pediatrician’s office feeling perfectly fine, and for the next several months, he seemed perfectly fine. Close to a year later though, he starts to get (for example) a lot of bad colds, and soon a bit more later, the “bad colds” become bad strep throats and bad ear infections. A bit more later on, when he tries to start school, he has many serious problems with bad anti-social behaviors, and the school’s administration requests him to have frequent sessions with their psychologist. As the talking sessions bring no change though, the psychologist refers him to a psychiatrist who starts him on a psychotropic medication. As there is little response from that medication, the psychiatrist increases its dosage and adds two more medications. Soon, just from the debilitating side effects of the severely heavy psychiatric drugs, the boy can no longer concentrate on the school work or even just stay awake in class and is thus forced to drop out of school.

      So yes, in the numerous cases like this one, it is not readily apparent at all that the earlier vaccinations are what caused this boy’s problems and made him become so incapacitated.

    • HOWEVER, and I repeat, HOWEVER, there are literally countless cases where, when the child was born, he was clearly a “perfect baby” — the hospital examinations of him strongly agreed with this! As time went on and he began to grow, everything with him fully continued to be absolutely perfectly fine. And on the morning of the great day when he was to be brought to “his FIRST doctor appointment” he was most happy and excited and perfectly of perfectly fine!

      BUT the very second that the first needle was pricked into him injecting into him the serum of his first vaccination, (for example) he began screaming the most blood curdling screams, and he continued screaming even after the needle was taken out. And he continued screaming — louder and louder and louder — even after his mother took him out of the office and put him in the car and drove him home and put in him his crib. By the evening, along with the piercing screaming, he is now wildly shaking and soon is in the most violent convulsions. Taking him to the Emergency Room does little, for the EMT’s there are at a complete loss on what to do.

      After about a day or so, he is finally completely quiet. His now being “completely quiet” is in one of two forms:





      I REPEAT:


  13. Smart mothers would bring very young children over to homes of kids who have measles so that they can get exposed to it early on which is the healthiest and safest time to get the measles. According to doctors and nurses, there were hardly ever any measles related deaths by children before the vaccination was invented, let alone autism, allergies, neurological issues and other side effects.

    • Amazing!
      “There were hardly ever any measles related deaths by children before the vaccination was invented, let alone autism, allergies, neurological issues”!!!
      And we know this is true because it’s “according to doctors and nurses.”

      Hi, Anonymous, could you tell us a bit about your background and training in statistical methodology?


  14. I see that not one single commentator has any kind of medical degree whatsoever.
    None of you even know how to turn on an electron microscope and don’t even know the difference between one centrifuge and another.
    Offence meant.

  15. Psycho anti Vaxxers blaming every illness on the vaccines.Now that it has been proven it doesn’t cause autism they are saying it causes cancer and all
    Other maladies. complete sheker. All our physicians and Rabonim say to vaccinate but they claim to know better.Now it is the law of the land.

    • That the vaccination doesn’t cause autism and other neurological side effects has only been noted by the CDC and Fake News for obvious reasons, but proven the dangers of it by whistle-blowers and doctors who are not afraid to say the truth. You obviously don’t have access to real news and truth and you trust your doctors who never did any research and are not obligated to do research. Just keep following your doctors blindly and everything will be fine.
      Don’t you wonder why vaccine injuries are the only thing in the US courts that no one can sue for damages?

    • Bubby 1 I respect your right under the first amendment to call me a psycho. However you should not let your old age dementia and senility get in the way of the facts. There have never been any long term carcinogenicity studies on any vaccine. In fact it was precisely because of the lack of such studies that I became an Anti Vaxxer long before there was an exponential increase in the Autism Rate that only started it’s dramatic rise in 1989 as per the EPA report on the matter. Insofar as Autism the evidence is quite robust that Vaccines play a role in Autism whether it be the vaccines pushed on pregnant women or the vaccines given to newborns and infants. The protestors in Albany included many people who traveled for 4 -5 hours from the far reaches of New York State. They know their children were healthy until they were vaccinated from the best kind of observational first hand scientific evidence. The Federal agencies responsible for vaccines (HHS, CDC, and FDA,) were asked by Robert Kennedy Jr. to do the definitive vaxxed vs unvaxxed study on all health outcomes. They could do the study in two weeks with the data they already have in the Vaccine Safety Data Link. This study would settle the issue once and for all. It would either prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I and my fellow Anti Vaxxers are indeed psychos, or it would prove that many people in the Federal government and public health industry have to be tried for Crimes Against Humanity. The government officials refused to do such a study and said they would never do such a study. It becomes even more disturbing when we see how through payoffs and propaganda these same government agencies have managed to get our own Orthodox Jewish Doctors, Rabbis,schools and communal institutions, to defend public policies that are immoral and indefensible.

      • flatbushantivaxxer:

        ALMOST everything you have written here is superbly excellent!! It is most absolutely what desperately needs to be said.

        HOWEVER, L’Aniyus Da’ati, I think you made a terrible error in saying to Bubby 1 that she is (Chas V’Shalom) “senile” and that she has “dementia.” First of all, it is absolutely not true. Just because she — like very, VERY many people — believes and follows the excessively heavy vaccine propaganda that is massively saturating all of us is certainly NO INDICATION AT ALL that she is (Chas V’Shalom) “senile” or that she has “dementia.” On the contrary, that she posts entirely legible statements shows that, Boruch Hashem, her mental facilities are working.

        Furthermore, when the terms “senile” and “dementia” are thus thrown around [referring to someone who (all he or she did was) said something that was not correct], THAT VERY GREATLY CHEAPENS those words!! I myself have seen Dementia & Alzheimer’s and thus saw the real horror of what those horrifically incapacitating diseases actually are.

        Furthermore, we are dealing here with a severely serious problem, of an incessant massive campaign & propaganda to outright coerce and physically force everyone to do what in reality is gravely harmful. If, in our attempt to, B’Ezras Hashem, try to counteract this evil that is being hurled at us we resort to mud-slinging-name-calling, then, unfortunately, we greatly cheapen our good efforts and give those against us a valid reason to say that, Chas V’Shalom, WE are the ones who are wrong.

        Now, I well saw that you DID NOT start the name-calling here; instead, it was Bubby 1 who first hurled at you a most fiendish name-calling epithet. And, she did not throw this mean epithet only at you; (quoting her above comment) “Psycho anti Vaxxers . . . ” she slammed this cruel epithet on ALL anti-vaxxers!! She slammed it on you and on me and on all people who decline the shots. So your desire to NOW slam it right back in her face is 1,000% totally understandable.

        However, we need to realize that Bubby 1 (and most others who posted similar remarks) are most probably NOT the villains in this picture, for, as I noted above, they are simply repeating the severely wicked vaccine propaganda that is being constantly blasted all around.

        Anyway, when things like that are done, it is almost always NOT a good idea at all for us to respond with ourselves stooping way down to that low level.

  16. Flatbush Anti Vaxxer why don’t you identify yourself? you disrespectful no derech Eretz am Haaretz calling me N old fool ? Nebach on you and your mispacha.

    • You started with the name calling, to be fair. Look up our history in Germany. We got too comfortable and too trusting of the goyim. Welcome to modern day Germany. I’ll bet you don’t drive a volvo or Volkswagen, but you are ok with a German company injecting our children? Open you eyes. Do research on both sides. Talk to mothers of injured kids.


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