Anti-Vaxxers Attempt to Infiltrate Yerushalayim English Speaking Community


Leaders of the anti-vaxx movement have been chased out from Jewish communities across North America. Now, they are trying their luck in Yerushalayim.

Using various secretive methods, the group has surfaced in Yerushalayim, hiding behind the innocuous sounding name: Ezrat Menachem. Using email and social media, it has been uncovered, they publicized an event this week featuring one of the most outrageous anti-vaxx activists, Del Bigtree. Bigtree is a huckster who is famous for promulgating the disproven link between autism and vaccines.

Promoters of the event went to great lengths to keep the location secret. Participants were asked to register and were told that they would be notified of the location on the day of the event. The event took place at the Jerusalem Garden Hotel this week.

Rabbonim of the English-speaking community in Yerushalayim are incensed that this debunked philosophy is being brought to the Holy City. Community leaders are urging people to contact the Jerusalem Garden Hotel at 02-655-8888 or and ask them why they would host such an event.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why blame the hotel?
    An organization called Ezrat Menechem rents a room ….. get in touch with the leadership of the anti-vazzers.

  2. Lets get the protesters from Berkeley who are afraid to let Ann Coulter speak, to gives us advice how to prevent us from hearing all other ‘debunked’ viewpoints. After all this is Sakonas Nifashos!
    Lets not Chas Vishalom talk about debunked theories such as: Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, Ukraine & Biden, climate change, religious rights, anti abortion arguments, women’s rights, gay rights, affirmative action, voter suppression, higher taxes, less government regulations, equal equality to all races. Also don’t Chav Vishalom consider different opinions on Israeli settlements, right of return for all Palestinians and their descendants, Peleg protests, registering for IDF deferment, in fact the whole idea of serving in the IDF should’t Chv’sh be discussed. Never talk about shidduch crisis, kollel vs college, if the Rebbe can be Moshiach.
    If you don’t agree with me you are a Rotzach and you should have no rights!
    We must protest and “chase.. out of town” anyone who should think of any issue in a way that I don’t see!!! Call the newspaper who dares open discussion or the venue rented for any such issues.


    • It would be funny if it wouldn’t be so dangerously true! You all do realize that the article here is sponsored by a particular pediatrician who is shaking in his pants for devastating an entire generation while being applauded for his “chessed” cancer camp for the children who started out healthy in his practice – yet somehow too many developed cancer among other deadly conditions…but no one will challenge this psychopath because of his donations to our tainted mosdos…

  3. a shame that a Jewish news website should be so one track minded on this situation, I would really like to talk to this writer who took such a strong opinion on this situation
    Do you even know the abc’s of this subject?
    Do you chas v’shulem want to get notified and educated on this matter by having a child getting injured from a vaccine?
    before taking a strong negative opinion in public speak please make your homework…

    • You assume that they’re interested in the truth…they get paid BIG bucks for posting this evil slander!

      No one will envy Matzav for the hellish shame & embarrassment they will suffer for posting this cruelty & chillul Hashem – so sad that rabbis are quiet instead of demanding them to stop this nonsense!

    • Evidently, and sadly, you have not your homework. Doctors, nurses, hospitals, Rabbis and professionals have emphatically stated that vaccines are safe and must be taken.
      If you don’t believe your local Rabbi, trust your doctors and professionals that are not held hostage by Big Pharma, but know better than you. If you did your homework properly, and not been duped by the well know huckster Del Bigtree, your homework would have had a different outcome.

    • You go make YOUR homework. And why dont you anti vaxer home school? Ha you are lazy… Well stay far from my babies and pregnant women and CA patients

  4. Why didn’t you post this article earlier so that more people would learn the truth of the dangers of vaccination and about the many Jewish autistic schools globally that mainstream is covering up?

  5. Now why would a biased website like Matzav censor my free speech regarding the dangers of vaccines? Were you threatened by certain individuals?

  6. “Rabbonim of the English-speaking community in Yerushalayim are incensed that this debunk philosophy is being brought to the Holy City.” Which Rambonim??? Where are your sources? This appears to be more fake news.
    Del Bigtree is a mensch. He is not an anti-vaxxer like many want to believe. He is fighting for informed consent, and against mandating vaccines that have not been proven for safety and efficacy. Thousands of mothers here and throughout the world have complained their children have acquired auto immune diseases after vaccination. In the US, vaccine court has awarded millions to children damaged by vaccines. We have the sickest children in our generation than every before. Mandating of vaccines has to stop. They took away religious exemptions, what’s next: NY is trying to pass Bill S298 that calls for mandating the HPV vaccine to all children born after January 2009. This vaccine is dangerous and has not gone through random-controlled studies. New York is becoming more hostile to the health and welfare of babies, children and young adults. Stop the madness! Stop Big Pharma!

  7. Well you antivaxer go do better homework or at least home school so you dont infect my infants pregnant women and CA patients. Think of other for once

  8. Wow, what an uninformed article. Why don’t you try to learn more instead of just repeating talking points? No one would find this acceptable for any other topic, only this one. Thankfully the truth is out there, in spite of articles like these. Vaccine-injured children are REAL and parents and families are getting tired of hiding in the shadows.

  9. anyone who is pro vaccine is either:
    1. naive
    2. meshuchad
    3. stupid / baalei gaava
    4. prevented min hashamayim
    Doctors are #1 and #2
    Government and Media is #2 and #3

  10. and everyone else who reads is #1
    By the way: research and homework don’t mean asking people, it means hearing what both sides say and then figuring out who is lying. It took me about 4 months, but I figured out that the CDC FDA AMA… are lying. end of story. now which vaccines to take? I don’t know. think about your children, think about your students. think about the next generation of Klal yisroel. allergies, diabetes, autism, infertility, cancer. these things are being covered up by lairs.


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