ANTI-VAXXERS GONE WILD: Vaccinators Now Accused of “Sinas Chinom”

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Dear Editor,

In the latest in the vaccination “controversy” – which is actually not much of a controversy, save for a tiny minority of misguided people who are out there making a lot of noise – those who are following renowned frum doctors and are vaccinating their children while keeping dangerous anti-vaxxers out of Torah schools following a p’sak of Rav Yosf Shalom Elyashiv zt”l have now been accused of sinas chinom.

The problem is that there’s no sinah, and it surely is not chinom.

There’s no sinah, because it’s not about hating. As Matzav readers know, it’s about basic safety and procedural medicine.

And it’s not chinom, because the battling back against misguided anti-vaxxers is not “baseless.” It’s rooted in something very real.

Take, for example, a certain anti-vaccination hotline that encouraged parents to trick schools into accepting their non-vaccinated children.

Battling such deception is sinas chinom?

In Lakewood, 32 local pediatricians signed a letter advising everyone to get the vaccine immediately. “Anyone who is unvaccinated can create a serious health risk to people who are immunosuppressed or not yet vaccinated,” they wrote. “Therefore, we collectively advise that those individuals should not go to school or playgroups until further notice.”

Are these doctors guilty of sinas chinom?

Rav Elyashiv, in a p’sak authored by Rav Dovid Uri Morgenstern, a well-known medical expert and a ben bayis by Rav Elyashiv, ruled that it is incumbent on everyone to vaccinate their children, and that mosdos should reject non-vaccinated children because they can infect other children.

Was Rav Elyashiv, chalilah, guilty of sinas chinom?

We know the answer.

Are those who wish to follow Rav Elyashiv’s p’sak – meaning 99% of Torah Jews – guilty of sinas chinom?

Dr. Alan Werzberger is a pediatrician who has been treating patients in Monroe since 1985. He has administered over one million vaccinations. You read that correctly. One million. And no, Kiryas Yoel does not have a higher rate of autism than other places despite being one of these most vaccinated enclaves of frum Jews.

Who do you believe? A doctor who has given one million vaccinations or a group of mothers who say they’ve done their research and don’t want to vax?

Who do you believe? A doctor who has given one million vaccinations or people who have no medical background but claim to have the research that “proves” that vaccinating is dangerous?

Dr. Werzberger has pointed out that a common claim of anti-vaxxers is bias within the medical community. But he himself performed a trial in a manner that eliminated the possibility of bias. This from Dr. Werzberger: “Everyone naturally wants their study to prove something. That is why we conduct double blind, placebo controlled tests. This means that half the shots are the vaccine and the other half are dummy needles, and neither the patient nor the doctor knows who got which shot. This eliminates any possibility to alter results, as those diagnosing the disease don’t know until it’s done if that patient got the vaccine or the placebo.”

Another major talking point of the anti-vaccine movement is their claims that doctors lack credibility, stating, “Doctors will always say what the medical world wants them to say,” “If a doctor admits that vaccines are bad, they will lose their license,” and other such rhetoric. Dr. Werzberger addresses this misconception as well.

“When New York City sought to ban metzitzah b’peh, the entire medical world banded together behind the city to decry the practice. I, and many other doctors, stood up against the medical establishment and were not concerned about speaking out. I wrote affidavits, based on results from my practice, against some of America’s most prestigious doctors. I wasn’t scared to stand alone. If I felt that there was something wrong with vaccines, I would have no problem standing up against the rest of the world and announcing my beliefs. But in all my experience, I’ve never seen any serious adverse effects from vaccines. And we have all seen the positive effects that the vaccine has in curbing the disease.”

But Dr. Werzberger didn’t address one thing: Is he guilty of sinas chinom for caring for Yiddishe kinder by calling for vaccinations and refuting the anti-vaxxer rhetoric?

Obviously not. He’s an oheiv Yisroel of the highest regard.

But the anti-vaxxers are running around yelling sinas chinom.

Why? Why have they resorted to this latest outrageous claim? How did we get here?

Here’s the answer:

It seems that they, like others who take unpopular and controversial opinions that the mainstream klal disagrees with and then have to stumble to their feet when they are called out on it, are gasping for air. They’ve been exposed. And people are distancing themselves. Their efforts are dying, their minority radical opinions are blowing up in their faces, and they have little left for them to do to combat the “assault.” So they play victim. And they accuse people of sinas chinom. They say that the people they disagree with are senile and don’t know what’s going on. They lob all types of unfounded claims, as preposterous as they may be.

Anything to save face. Anything to promote their agenda.

But the hamon am is too smart. People have caught on to their ruse.

These misguided people have been running full speed ahead, holding a self-righteous banner.

But they may have just realized that there’s no one following behind them.


Lemaan Ha’emes



  1. ‘…….GONE WILD’ ..again….what’s with your headline??? What are you trying to create….sinah????……check with your da’as Torah. Youre no better than CNN!

    • Vaxxers cannot prove its effectiveness and that it’s not dangerous so they’re trying to force it upon everyone aggressively.

      Can the writer give us to understand the following: If vaccinating is so good, why do adults who got the double vaccinations as children contract measles today? Either the vaccinations are garbage or one has to keep vaccinating every few years as long as you live to keep your immunity live. Lemaan Ha’emes, don’t lie.

      Smart parents let their young children contract the measles and then have a lifelong immunity.

      • “Smart parents let their young children contract the measles and then have a lifelong immunity.”

        Go tell that to the parents of the poor infant that died while having the coveted measles you so confidently talk about.

        • Had the mother contracted measles as a child, her newborn would have been immune too. By the way, that poor infant died of other complications too. Stop your lies.

          • Dear 1:36, you are factually wrong. Open up a Biology textbook, before you embarrass yourself with gibberish.

          • umm… people had measles in 1950s if that was the case they would have passed on immunity. which didnt happen. have some seichal!

  2. Oh God. Enough of this back and forth already. What are you going to accomplish with these SCREAMING HEADLINES day after day after day. For heavens sake, no one is going to change their minds because of what they read on the esteemed website, Grow up already. For how long can you beat a dead horse?

    • I agree. ENOUGH with these headlines.
      I guess we have not figured this one point out.
      My one point: This whole thing is absolute nonsese.
      The Anti- vaxers won’t vaccinate no matter what and the vaccinators will not, not vaccinate. WE WONT CHANGE THEM AND THEY WONT CHANGE US!!!

  3. 2 Simple question. Perhaps you can help me.
    Question #1 – Why is only autism discussed and not the other host of reactions that the makers of the vaccine themselves say can happen? So you will answer, that the risk outweighs benefit. Fair enough. So why do you always throw in autism etc?
    Question #2 – Why does matzav throw all antivaxxers in same basket? ANTI VAXXERS GONE WILD. As if we are all one entity and we have weekly meetings how to go about the battle.

    • Nothing to be embarrassed about being in the Anti-Vaxxers group of educated parents who investigated the matter well and care about their children’s health, rather than being in the group of ignorant parents who follow pediatricians or cdc’s (big pharma) instructions trustingly.

  4. Yet another letter about antivaxxers. So far I learned that they are rodfim, causing antisemitism, make blood money by selling snake oil & being antivax, selfishly putting everyone else at risk, acting against halacha & daas Torah, complete fools who take Andrew Wakefield seriously, liars who falsify medical records, & now they’re playing victim & claiming sinas chinom!
    How did so many intelligent & fine Yidden fall to such a low madreiga?
    Maybe it’s time to stop demonizing them. Maybe it’s time to move on.
    Our schools are keeping their children out, our children are vaccinated, we are safe, let’s put this topic behind us.

  5. This op-ed is a proof to the claim of sinas chinum. The title itself is full of hate, name calling and stereotyping : ANTI-VAXXERS GONE WILD. It bundles all non-vaxxeres and calls them ALL ‘Wild’ and ‘Anti”. I don’t know many people who don’t vaccinate but the few I do know, have not gone wild and are not antivaxxers, they are loving, concerned and good parents trying to do what they believe is best for their children. I know of 3 such families and I know for sure that 2 of them ask all their shaylos to competent rabbonim (and I’m sure the 3rd does too just knowing their type). And yes they follow what their rabbonim tell THEM! They don’t go around trying to convince others what to do an what not to do. They are not antivaxxers they are nonvaxxers! And yes they all feel a senses of sina coming from the attitude of those people calling them Rodfim, murders and flat-earthers. Each family has their own story of what they personally experienced and why they came to their decisions. For people to paint them all with a broad brush and give them horrible labels is sinas chinum. They all feel terrible misjustist in the bullying and misinformation that they perceive is being used against them. There is more misinformation on the pro vaccine side then on the no-vaccine side.

    It seams that nonvaccers believe that they are being bullied by others into doing what might be best for other people but is not good for them. Bullying children, lying and name calling to force parents can be called sinas chinum.
    Reading comments on websites such as this you get the impression that nonvaccinated children (not sick with measles children) present a real and present danger to healthy vaccinated children, They don’t! In a school with no immunosuppressed children there is such a small chance of it negatively effecting other children that its probably more dangerous to drive in the mountains during the summer than to share a school with a few children who are not immunized.

    This article blurs and confuses two issues (not vaccinating and the response to their perceived bullying) together for the purpose of making the nonvaxxers look bad. This is proof to their position of sinas chinum.

    • Good points but it’s still not Sinas Chinom. It’s loud protesting to try and be machmir on pikuach nefesh (in their view). The hope is to stem a farkrumpt dangerous movement. Anyone crying Sinas Chinom is no different than the Liberals who scream Racist whenever someone disagrees with them.

  6. The Irony is not to believe!
    As a parent who does not vaccinate as per the Hadracha of one of the Gedolei Yisroel, I find the headline and the tone of the article appalling! We can debate and strongly disagree but to publish such a horrific attack on Acheinu Benei Yisroel is the ultimate Sinas Chinum!

    • You cannot debate something that could result in death, or serious harm to children and others. This is not comparable to debates over hand vs. machine matzoh, cholov yisroel v. cholov hacompanies. Sometimes, there is no other tzad, and the tzad that you have chosen to follow is a miut sheb’muit of poskim, and by following that tzad, has resulted in an outbreak of measles that is basically limited just to the frum community, and the measles outbreak is clear proof about the correctness of one position and the incorrectness of the other.

      • The measles outbreak of adults because they weren’t up to date with their every 2 or 5 years vaccination is clear proof that the safest is for children to contract the measles naturally which according to “study shows that measles deaths were virtually nonexistent prior to introduction of vaccine vaccine, as was confirmed by doctors and nurses who claim, ‘In all my years I never knew anyone or heard of anyone who died from this childhood disease as it was virtually unheard of in the U.S. for anyone to die from measles.'” and thus be immune for life.

        • Complete and utter nonsense. According to you, children should be introduced to small pox, mumps, chicken pox, scarlett fever, and other diseases so they can become immune. Do you even know why vaccines were created? Answer: to avoid death or a lifetime worth of suffering caused by children contracting these diseases. You focus on death, as if tzaros resulting from measles means nothing. I just read about a child in EY, in Emmanuel, who could have permanent damage due to contracting measles. They sure aren’t suffering from the injection of vaccine they received. You anti-vaxxers are really something: blind to reality, and ideological to the point that you are willing to offer your children as karbonos on the grail of anti-medical, anti-science shitos.

  7. I belive the reason these keep getting posted (and with such inflammatory titles) is simply because it’s clickbait for Matzav. Its not like these are helping anyone in any way, so even after trying to being dan lekaf zechus that’s honestly the only conclusion i have left…
    If Matzav has any other reason, please let us know!

    (And i don’t think its Loshon hara to post this on thier website in response to them posting such a letter- if this even gets through that is)

  8. Disgusting. Why would you print a letter like this? And with such a headline? I feel more and more inclined to side with “them” and give their position a little more attention.

    I would say there is definitely sinas chinam. You can disagree and defend your position without the sinah.

  9. To Misguided Naive Lemaan HaPravda
    After all is said and done, pediatricians still have the chutzpah of advising everyone to get the vaccine immediately. Why? Why in the world should anyone get the vaccine when it’s seems to be nothing but poisonous junk? Not only does it have loads of dangerous side effects, those who get vaccinations anyhow contract measles, but delayed – as adults, when the disease is much harsher, as reported several times? ONLY NAIVE FOOLS LET THEMSELVES BE FOOLED INTO BE INJECTED WITH DANGEROUS VACCINATIONS.


      Any proof for your wise word? NONE!!

      Yes, you’ll probably bring some disgruntled employee from some pharmaceutical company that is trying to damage the company’s products saying that its poisonous. What nonsense!

      Listen, if it was as dangerous as you claim, people would know about it and shut it down. Many medicines in the past have disappeared for that reason.

      However, if you are like most of the anti-vaxxers, no amount of reasoning will help. No matter how many Daas Torahs, no matter if Moshe Rabeinnu himself, will instruct people to vaccinate, you will still resist.

      It’s funny how many people listened to the Rabbanim regarding getting rid of smartphones. Why they resist on this is beyond comprehension.

    • Only a fool would look at the outbreak of measles, and put their heads in the sand, cover their ears, and ignore the growing evidence that you are relying on unproven pseudoscience, a reliance that is causing a health crisis in the frum community.

      • Only a fool doesn’t notice that the outbreak of measles are from adults who weren’t up to date with their vaccination which they need to get every 3 or 5 years for the rest of their lives.

          • The point is that in order to be immune from measles you have to keep injecting yourself with dangerous substances that can cause brain injury, autism, and other damages, every few years until the end of your life. While those who get the measles naturally generally as young kids have the disease lighter and after that are immune for life. Much less dangerous than vaccinations.

        • Where are you getting this foolish lie from???

          Adults DO NOT have to re-vaccinate!!!!

          This is the lie the abnti-vaxxers feed you!

          May G-D have mercy on your soul!!!

          Misguided creatures.

  10. Your censoring my comment just goes to prove that Matzav is completely biased and picks and chooses which comments they deme fit for their agenda.

  11. I can’t even tell which comments here are serious and which are sarcastic. Let me just point out that every country in the world has nearly identical basic childhood vaccinations. And that must be why (I say now sarcastically) the historic world populations of trillions of people have been reduced today to merely billions of people who themselves will soon die off as the world population keeps diminishing. And I add (sarcastically) that all those stories of world populations in the past being in the millions and since modern-medicine and vaccinations the world population has exploded and continues to explode are pure lies and fiction. After all, did any of you actually count all these alleged people exploding people yourselves?

  12. A fine, well thought out, and well written op-ed column has been unnecessarily undermined by its own headline.
    Not fine.
    Not well thought out.
    And, well, not well written.

  13. 1) My children are vaxinated.
    I don’t regret that.

    2) Did you listen to yourself? The problem is that there’s no sinah, and it surely is not chinom.

    Is there sinah, or there isn’t???
    If there’s no hatred, then how can claim it’s not ‘chinom’? By stating it’s not chinom, you are attempting to justify it. Your letter did not convince anyone to vaccinate. It also did not convince any fair-headed parent to take you seriously.

    You are simply seeking an edge, a cause and a fight.

    Your stupid healine says it all.


    3) It is this type of militancy which causes the anti-vaxers to increase. Calm, sensible, respectful and honest coverage and conversation about the substantive issues is what allows cool heads to prevail.

    But then again, if you’re honest and respectful you will lose your cause and bravado. Nu, nu.

  14. The click-bait headline of this article detracts from the serious, sober messages that (most) anti-vaxxer opponents would like to convey, namely:
    – We don’t hate you. We don’t even dislike you. We think you love you children and want what’s best for them and are trying to protect them.

    – We think you are dangerously misguided and wrong. Not only are you endangering your children, you are also endangering others who aren’t vaccinated (for whatever reason) or who vaccines weren’t effective for.

    – We want the unvaccinated kept away from us because they may be carrying dangerous diseases. (The mazik they most closely resemble is aish – they travel about causing damage.) It is not a punishment; it is a safety precaution – period. Quarantining someone who’s ill with a dangerous disease (e.g. Ebola) is done for the exact same reason.

    – We don’t wish you harm any more than we want to see someone crossing the street recklessly to be hit by a car. We wish you nothing but the best of health.

    – We (the royal we, anyway) DO hate those who know better but still spread fear about vaccinations for personal profit (or for any other reason). They are deliberately putting our families, including young children, at risk for serious illness, permanent injury and disability, and r”l death. These people are monstrously evil and willful would-be murderers.

  15. Great letter!!!!!!

    Utterly SHOCKING that there are so many anti vaxers out there.

    To the sane ppl: How can you argue with ppl who think they know better than Rav Elyasiv ztzl, think 9/11 was a hoax, are smarter than the most brilliant medical and scientific minds of our time.

    These ppl don’t need vaccinations, they need psychiatric medications!!

  16. All my children were vaccinated. However, One question which has not been posted or addressed:
    Are all the pro vaccine professionals and others
    on that side implying the Rabbonim and Gedolim who say Not to vaccinate, are they “misguided “ also? If they do think that way, then they are all ‭apikorsim and have no credibility!! And stop bullying the anti vaccers!!!!

  17. There are already a handful of very qualified doctors who DO believe vaccines can have negative side effects! They obviously can’t make their opinion very public because yes people will come out very strongly against them and even cause them harm! (Already happened!) Lmaan hashem! What have we come to! This is a political debate! Don’t be foolish to think otherwise!
    I give vaccines but say a tefilla my children should not get negative side effects.

  18. Everyone agrees that there are those who believe that vaccination has its dangers, therefore we can’t just go around poking vaccines into people with a claim that they are a rodeff. However, all agree that the unvaccinated are posing a legitimate danger to those who cannot vaccinate. That danger is the subject of the discussion, and the majority have a right to keep the danger from entering our schools, shul and homes to protect the innocent amongst us. The unvaccinated may have good reason for their actions, justified or not, but they are still posing a danger to society as a whole.

  19. i’m a physician and have never witnessed adverse effects from ANY vaccine. vaccines have saved millions of lives. a “gadol ha’dor” who disagrees is, frankly, not a gadol. those who don’t immunize their children are morons and murderers.

    • if “gadol ha’dor” who disagrees is, frankly, not a gadol” then you are NOT a doctor! How dare you talk about Gedolim like that!

  20. Jose Peralta, New York Senator, was in excellent health. He received the flu shot on November 17. He immediately began to feel ill. He suffered from dizziness, headaches and difficulty breathing. The insert of the flu vaccine lists possible side effects including difficulty breathing, weakness and dizziness. He died on November 21.

  21. The only reason Matzav is posting this dumb article (& all the other ones that I don’t read) is bec. it generates comments. If you & I stop posting, so will they!!

  22. I posted a link to a list of over 160 doctors who are questioning vaccines. Why isn’t matzav posting my comments? Are they trying to hide something?

  23. Thank you, Not that I could ever judge Rav Elyashiv z’tz’l, but it is worth noting that he was humbly following a thousand years of uncontested Jewish halachic tradition dating back to the time of the Gaonin, that we follow medical experts in medical matters. Everyone needs to vaccinate their children — for their sake and for the sake of the community.


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