Any Given Sunday? Israel Mulling Changes To Working Week

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cubicleThe Israeli government is planning to designate the first Sunday of each month a holiday and the preceding Friday a full work day for a trial period of one year to see how synching the Israeli workweek with commercial standards in the rest of the world could benefit the economy.

“It will bring about a dramatic change … It will connect us to the rest of the world, [boosting] trade and tourism,” said Energy and Water Resources Minister Silvan Shalom, who is spearheading the initiative.

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  1. will they also convert to christianity or to islam to connect to the rest of the world?
    i guess they are introducing little by little christian practices before they declare the stat of israel a total christian state

  2. right. connection to the rest of the world.
    let’s try to make us like all the other nations.
    I hope noone will agree to that stupid idea!

  3. nihyeh k’chol hagoyim chas v’shalom. The so-called jewish state seems to be doing what the greeks did in the time of the Chanukah, the Persians did in the time of Esther, the Spanish did in the times of the inquisition. But have no fear. those ancient civilizations are all gone and, guess what? the chareidim are still here!

  4. Scuse me, but in America a lot of Shomer Shabbos Jews figure out how to work a full day or almost a full day and still make Shabbos. They have an agreement with their individual employers, do a lot of stuff Thursday night and very early Friday morning. What’s the big deal?

  5. They are talking about making Friday a half day and extending hours on the other days.

    This will decrease chillul shabbos and increase shalom bayis. Every working person I know, including the heimishe working velt is in support of this. Having an afternoon to spend with the family or morning with my wife is great for shalom bayis.

    Not to mention having extra time to learn. I miss my Sunday shiurim from when I lived in the us.


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