ANYONE SURPRISED?: Inspectors Find Suspicious Uranium Particles At Iran Nuclear Sites

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International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors found uranium particles at two Iranian nuclear sites that Iran tried to block access to, according to a Friday report.

Iranian authorities had stonewalled the inspectors from reaching the sites for seven months before the inspection, and Iranian officials have failed to explain the presence of the uranium, the Reuters news agency reported, citing diplomats familiar with the UN agency’s work.

The inspections took place in August and September of 2020, the report said. The IAEA keeps its findings secret and only shared the details of the find with a few countries.

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  1. Na, it’s not Uranium! It’s a look alike! The Iranians are good people who Trump demonized! They want to live alongside the rest of us, like brothers!

    Oh, and I have a bridge to sell. Did I say it was in Brooklyn? I actually sold it yesterday but would sell it to you too for a good price!!

      • nisht im (or ‘in’) shabbos geredt You don’t sell something ‘on top’ of Shabbos. ‘oif’ can be ‘on’ but in this context it’s ‘on top’.

    • Okay, now I feel real stupid! Someone sold me the Brooklyn Bridge a few days ago. I signed all the paperwork, and gave him 75 dollars for the bridge, which seemed to be a reasonable price to me. But now I find out that you owned the bridge a few days ago, and I was paying a fraud 75 dollars for a bridge he never owned. Boy, am I an idiot! I feel so stupid! Oye!

    • Go back a few years and you’ll find the same article. Where do you think mainstream media make their fabrications from? There’s hardly ever a mainstream article that is true.

    • They were still bound to the deal based on the European countries who they signed with.

      Why do you think they allowed outside inspectors there to begin with?

      It takes incredible naivete to believe they would have kept it had Trump done so.

  2. Interesting to note that they found “U”ranium particles, and not “I”ranium particles, even though the Particles were found in “I”ran. Nevertheless, U and I both realize that Iran is not to be trusted. But unfortunately, Mr. Biden has no particular interest in particles, particularly Uranium particles. The only particles that interest him are those that are connected to the particular issue of climate change, particularly carbon dioxide particles.

  3. The Iran deal wouldv’e prevented this but when our last president (I will not even mention his name) CANCELED the deal, than what’s stopping them


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